Trying to find the right dog to fit your lifestyle? The experts at Pets Pyjamas recommend five breeds to suit city livers and small apartment dwellers below


There are many things to take into account when picking the right city dog, such as size, amount of exercise needed and personality type. For example, it is not the best idea to adopt a dog that loves to run around in your small apartment or one that barks so much your neighbours start banging on your door in the middle of the night. Fortunately, there are plenty of dog breeds that fit perfectly into city living…

Known for their adorably squished faces and affectionate personality, these small dogs would fit perfectly into your daily city routine. Pugs don’t need a ton of exercise and are perfectly content just napping at your feet (most likely while snoring). They are very loving, open dogs which makes them good for big crowds in the city. Although pugs do shed, they don’t need a lot of grooming as their coats are very short.

Yorkshire Terrier
Weighing in at a grand total of seven pounds, the Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect tiny sidekick for you to carry all around the city. You will have no annoyed neighbor with this little guy, as Yorkshire Terriers are not barkers. They are very friendly with other dogs and people and open to new experiences, while their tiny build doesn’t require much exercise. However, they do ask that you give them lots of attention and their coat needs to be trimmed and groomed weekly.

French Bulldog
Bred to be a lap dog, the French Bulldog is the perfect dog for any type of living space. They tend to be very relaxed, calm and quiet and don’t need a lot of exercise as they tire out easily due to their size (around 20 pounds). French bulldogs are a very playful breed but can also be found most of the time lounging around and looking adorable. They are great with other dogs and people and are very loving and affectionate towards their owners.

The Dachshund, especially the mini Dachshund, is the perfect size to fit into your busy city life. Their small size and long bodies don’t need a lot of exercise, but it is a good idea to keep up with daily walks as the breed is prone to obesity. The Dachshund is a wonderful city/apartment dog due to their friendly, adaptable and loving nature. They also do not shed excessively due to their short coats.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
This luxury bred dog is the perfect fit for any city dweller. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known for its gentle, loyal and family friendly personality. They are just as content relaxing in the apartment as they are taking their daily walks as they don’t need a lot of exercise. They are very comfortable in new situations and make the perfect lap dog, the winning combination for any one living in the hustle and bustle of the city.


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