Lockdown Loos: The Website We’ve All Been Waiting For

Lead image: (photo: Tim Mossholder on unsplash.com)

As lockdown measures ease, getting out and about again has been great. But for many of us, the distance we can travel from home relies on one thing – access to a loo.

Long walks are lovely, but drinking too much water on your route can be hazardous. And bike rides are brilliant, but if you drank too much tea this morning, well… Those brave enough to hop on the tube across town, frankly, you’d better not drink a drop.

Lockdown Loos is peer-generated content that’s perfect when you need to pee

Of course, this is likely to be more of an issue for the female of the species since, for chaps, a well placed tree will usually suffice. But in the absence of a perfectly formed shrubbery screen, us ladies will just have to wait till we get home. It’s not right, it’s not fair, but that’s just the way it is.

So it’s with a huge sense of relief – in both senses of the word – that we stumbled across lockdownloo.com, a peer-generated toilet location tool. Just hop online, zoom into your area, and find your nearest loo.

There are currently 200 London ‘loo-cations’ live on the website, which has been charmingly nicknamed the #BogLog by its founders. It’s the lockdown website we’ve all been waiting for!


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