Timothy Oulton Celebrates One Year at Bluebird Chelsea

Timothy Oulton celebrates its first birthday in Chelsea with a special Gentlemen’s Evening at its impressive design showroom at Bluebird

‘Fascinating. Intriguing. Beguiling.’

This was our first impression of the Timothy Oulton showroom when it launched at Chelsea’s iconic Bluebird in September 2018.

‘It was beyond my wildest dreams,’ said Oulton, at the time of opening. ‘Even as a child I knew Bluebird. You get in a taxi, you never have to give the address, it’s such a landmark and from a global perspective that’s great.’

The design showroom, which occupies the entire ground floor ‘garage’ space, is a rich, opulent collection of eccentric curios, from a yellow submarine submerged in a fish tank, taking centre spot in the showroom, to a giant rock crystal, a wall of plates, one of the world’s largest collections of vintage Louis Vuitton bags, and even an Apollo space pod.

One year on, the Timothy Oulton team celebrated the showroom’s first birthday with one of its signature Gentlemen’s Evenings, and The Resident team went along to raise a glass.

Hosting an eclectic crowd of around 100 guests, the birthday celebration was a chance for gents and ladies alike to celebrate the more stylish side of life.

Brands such as Benson & Clegg, Harrys of London, and other boutique names shared their latest offerings in the inspiring surrounds of the Bluebird gallery on the King’s Road.

‘Memorable experiences awaited guests at every turn’

With fellow style-makers focusing on the modern stylish gentleman, memorable experiences awaited guests at every turn, each one set within a distinctive Timothy Oulton-styled scene.

In the elegant Metro-themed corner, Benson & Clegg offered bespoke tailoring using a choice of exquisite fabrics displayed on the Iceberg dining table. Ties, cufflinks and other finishing touches captivated attention in a myriad of colours, echoing Timothy Oulton’s vibrant Studio sofa in Acid Jungle velvet, where guests sat and perused the possibilities on display.

British watchmakers Fears showcased their splendid heritage timepieces on the classically styled Georgian Architectural dining table, while the Newport sofa in rich Destroyed Raw leather provided a comfortable spot for some cognac tasting from Hennessy.

The Axel console and mirror in salvaged boat wood and iron offered a rustic setting to experience a traditional men’s grooming session courtesy of Truefitt & Hill – the oldest barbershop in the world. The barber’s chair beckoned and some of the gents indulged in a trim while others explored the luxuriously scented grooming products in Spanish Leather, Sandalwood and Rose.

Guests enjoyed cheese from an abundant display on the Causeway dining table and sipped wine as they made their way through the gallery and explored the sensory surrounds.

Sinking into epic feather-filled sofas from the Noble Souls collection, guests were introduced to the rails of vintage-inspired attire from men’s clothing brand Marmaduke, offering quintessentially British design with a little eccentricity, while Harrys of London shoemakers displayed their handmade footwear atop the rugged reclaimed timber of the English Beam coffee table.

All the while, Timothy Oulton’s brand ambassadors conjured 3D virtual room plans that helped guests visualise Timothy Oulton pieces in their homes, a free service available in the store.

It was an evening replete with warm hospitality, stylish interiors, fashion, and lifestyle, perfectly fitting of the Timothy Oulton approach to a more stylish life.

Timothy Oulton Bluebird regularly holds events for its clients and partners. For updates, follow Timothy Oulton’s social channels, email bluebird@timothyoulton.com, or drop in for a visit at 350 King’s Road, Chelsea SW3 5UU. See timothyoulton.com


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