25 Lesser Known UK Staycation Ideas that Look Like They’re Abroad

It looks like summer 2020 is very much going to be about the staycation, and if choose your UK holiday spot carefully, you can beat the crowds, social distance with ease and pretend you’re in Barbados…

Lead image: Isle of Mull, Scotland (Dmitry Naumov)

From the right angle, you can snap the Isle of Mull to look like Barbados, the Jurassic Coast to look like Bali, Cheddar Gorge to give off New Zealand vibes, Norfolk’s lavender fields to resemble Provence, and St Ives in Cornwall to mimic Croatia.

With 28,460 searches for ‘staycation’ undertaken in April 2020, British resorts are bracing for a staycation stampede this summer. There has also been a 3,350% increase in searches for ‘camping bunk beds’ from families looking to spend weekends away in the UK this summer, and a 400% increase in searches for ‘camping BBQ’ and ‘camping chairs’.

So make sure you don’t head for the obvious spots… instead, think like a pro social-distancer are discover some of the UK’s most underrated staycation spots.

Faraway Furniture, which specialises in sustainable teak garden furniture, was eager to help Brits find their ideal isolation holiday hotspot, and so collated a list of destinations in the UK that look similar to abroad and analysed their search volumes to determine which of these are the least likely to be hit by the staycation stampede.

The TOP 10

These are the 10 least searched for staycation destinations in the UK…

1 West Voe
Shetlands, Scotland

10 searches per month
The quietest getaway is likely to be West Voe in Scotland. This gorgeous town is certain to make you feel like you’re on a Finnish beach, because it resembles Yyteri Beach in Pori, on the west coast of Finland.

2 Observatory Gully
Ben Nevis, Scottish Highlands

170 searches per month
There are only 170 searches for Observatory Gully on Ben Nevis, ensuring an isolated but adventurous weekend away, and it looks similar to Mont Blanc in the Alps.

3 Elegug Stacks
Pembrokeshire, Wales

320 searches per month
There are only 320 searches monthly for Elegug Stacks in Wales, and if the weather is right, these clifftops resemble Nusa Penida, one of Bali’s most photogenic islands.

4 High Force
Durham, England

420 searches per month
High Force in Durham is surprisingly unknown to Brits, with only 420 searches per month. Yet this beautiful 70-foot waterfall is surrounded by natural beauty and looks very similar to Nauyaca Waterfalls in Costa Rica.

5 Langamull Beach
Isle of Mull, Scotland

430 searches per month
The jaw-dropping Langamull Beach is one of the Isle of Mull’s best kept secrets, with only 430 searches every month. The beautiful beach looks strikingly similar to Crane beach in Barbados. All you need is a little sunshine!

6 Norfolk Lavender Fields
Norfolk, England
580 searches per month
Norfolk’s lavender fields are highly recommended by travel bloggers, but seem to rate low with Brits at only 580 searches each month. The 100 acres of lavender resemble the famous lavender fields of Provence in France. Bon voyage!

7 Mealt Falls
Skye, Scotland
1,240 searches per month
The 55-meter free dropping Mealt Falls is slightly more popular, but still likely to make for a quiet getaway, plus, the clifftop is a duplicate of Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland.

8 Bidean nam Bian
1,460 searches per month
This complex Scottish mountain resembles peaks on the Himalayas. While there are 1,460 searches per month, hiking the trail takes eight to nine hours, it’s certain to be a wonderfully desolate trip.

9 Cockington Village
Devon, England
2,330 searches per month
Cockington Village in Devon is a fun-filled family day out offering a good atmosphere and picturesque scenery. This small village is very similar to the village of Veules-les-Roses in the South of France.

10 Sgwd yr Eira
Brecon Beacons, Wales
2,550 searches per month
Sgwd yr Eira is part of Brecon Waterfall Walk in Wales which rather strikingly mirrors Mae Tad waterfall in Chiang Mai, Thailand. On route to Sgwd yr Eira, you can also visit three other waterfalls on the Four Falls Walk, which is described as an unforgettable family experience.

The best of the rest

And there’s more… here are numbers 11-25 in the least searched for holiday destinations in the UK that mimic tourist hotspots across the world.

11 Gaping Gill, North Yorkshire
3,900 searches per month
Resembles Son Doong in Vietnam

12 Lunan Bay, Scotland
5,600 searches per month
Resembles Cape Cod, Massachusetts

13 Sandwood Bay, Sutherland
5,620 searches per month
Resembles Lønstrup, Denmark

14 Achmelvich beach, Scottish Highlands
8,660 searches per month
Resembles Saleccia beach, Corsica

15 Castel Coch, Wales
10,470 searches per month
Resembles Transylvania

16 Smoo Cave, Durness, Sutherland
12,300 searches per month
Resembles Krabi, Thailand

17 Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire
16,850 searches per month
Resembles Ithaca, Greece

18 Loch Awe, Scotland
19,410 searches per month
Resembles South Island, New Zealand

19 Ben Lomond, loch Lomond, Scotland
31,550 searches per month
Resembles Bernese Highlands, Switzerland

20 Kynance Cove, Cornwall
49,020 searches per month
Resembles Costa Paradiso, Sardinia

21 Jurassic Coast
69,800 searches per month
Resembles Nusa Penida, Bali

22 Cheddar Gorge, Somerset
96,190 searches per month
Resembles Skippers Canyon, New Zealand

23 Durdle door, Dorset
158,310 searches per month
Resembles Arch Rock, California

24 Portmeirion, Wales
174,590 searches per month
Resembles Tuscany, Italy

25 St Ives, Cornwall
918,450 searches per month
Resembles Dubrovnik, Croatia


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