Sheraton Grand Launches London’s First Multi-Sensory Hotel Suite

As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, many of us are looking for activities to keep the winter blues to a minimum. The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane has the answer to all your SAD-related problems with London’s first Five Senses Suite

Working with a behavioural scientist and psychologist, the renowned Art Deco hotel in Mayfair has introduced an array of items and experiences that release endorphins, and thus make us feel happy.

The research revealed that jazz music made 3 out of 4 respondents feel happy, while soft, fluffy towels ignited feelings of contentment in 98% of respondents and flowers made 72% feel content. Champagne – unsurprisingly – and fresh fruit encouraged the highest release of endorphins during a taste test.

The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane has incorporated the findings into its first multi-sensory, happiness-inducing hotel suite, the Five Senses Suite. A dedicated Five Senses Concierge will greet you on arrival at the luxurious Grand Suite, overlooking leafy Green Park, offering a choice of the finest quality towels from the bath linen menu (touch), your choice of aroma – lavender or sea salt – for diffusers and bath salts, a glass of your preferred fizz and uplifting jazz.

‘Jazz plays with our expectations of musical rhythms and patterns,’ explains Patrick Fagan, the scientist behind the serenity, ‘which piques our interest in the same way a piece of abstract art, or clever joke would.’ He devised a questionnaire and used facial coding and heart rate monitoring to narrow down the most sense-stimulating elements and then tested 68 stimuli to find the most effective – according to all five senses.

You will also receive an Extra Dose of Happiness Menu, offering specially curated experiences available to order from the Five Senses concierge such as an in-suite Happy Hour with champagne cocktails served by a private mixologist, a packing and unpacking service and a personal bath butler to prepare a bath with scented oils.

Fagan goes on to explain that ‘research consistently shows that pampering experiences, such as being massaged, can boost wellbeing – it can decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, and release the happiness neurotransmitter serotonin.’

London’s Five Senses Suite is bookable from 6 November 2017 from £1,570 per night. See


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