Lorraine Crighton-Smith has a luxurious cut and colour with L’Oreal Colour Specialist Danilo at his Fulham Road hair salon

I had been struggling to get an appointment with my usual hairdresser, whose part-time hours were in such high demand one would have to book several months in advance just to get trim. It was the end of the summer, and my previously highlighted – and naturally fair – hair was in need of a bit of TLC. A glossy-haired friend told me about Danilo Hair Boutique on Chelsea’s Fulham Road, she sang its praises and told me it is within walking distance of The Resident HQ. She personally vouched for the salon’s services and recommended that I book an appointment with the salon’s co-founder and hairdresser Danilo, who had previously cut and coloured her hair.

I checked out the website I agreed to give Danilo a go. Passing the first test, I was able to get an appointment for a hair cut on my desired day and time. As the party season approaches, it may be advisable to book to early, but in this instance only  a week’s notice was needed.

On arrival, I was given a warm welcome and offered a drink and a magazine to read while Danilo finished with his client. The salon itself is stylish and sophisticated, with luxurious chairs and glamorous chandeliers. There are six stations in which to have your hair cut or styled.

I was dressed in a protective robe when Danilo came over and introduced himself. Danilo lives in South West London he is originally from Italy, and his passion for his trade is clear from our conversation. He opened Danilo Hair Boutique with partner Sara who hails from Sardinia in October 2012. Together they run the salon, both servicing hair as well as day-to-day running of the business. There are stylists and senior stylists available too.

I explained to Danilo that I had last had my hair cut around two months ago, but not a lot was taken off because I had been hoping to grow it and I had a half head of natural-looking highlights applied. I wanted to breathe a bit more life into my hair, to complement – not cover – my new, natural grey highlights.

The previous highlights had faded and the sunshine over the summer months had left my hair looking frazzled. I wanted Danilo to brighten the colour and to chop off the split ends, putting a lost style back into my hair. Danilo is a is L’oreal Colour Specialist, he dedicated every spare hour to training for this degree and he is understandably proud to have achieved the qualification, which is no mean feat. He took great care in choosing the right colour for my hair and my needs, and as Danilo skillfully weaved the colour through my hair he told me that he has always been interested in hair. He first started working in his father’s hair salon in Italy 17 years ago. While he has traditional experience under his belt, Danilo also stays ahead of fashionable trends. Ombre hair remained popular this summer, he confirmed.

As the colour developed on my hair, beautician Benedetta gave me a manicure offering helpful advice on how to care for my nails going forward. I told Benedetta that I was going to a wedding on the weekend and so she she helped me choose a natural colour to go on top. I felt like a movie star when it was time to rinse the colour out of my hair; the chair started massaging my back as conditioner was being massaged into my scalp and Benedetta was applying a top coat to my nails. This was sheer luxury and I could have stayed there all day.

Dreaming of long locks, I asked Danilo not to chop too much off the ends when it came to the cut, but his sharp scissor-work transformed my shapeless just below shoulder-length mane into an elegant style that frames – and flatters – my face.

After a relaxing and luxurious couple of hours in the saloon, a big Hollywood-style blow dry completed the look. As I stepped out of the salon onto Fulham Road I felt like a new woman.

Several weeks after my appointment at Danilo Hair Boutique and the colour of my hair still looks seamless, natural and shiny. I will be back before the party season to ask Danilo to work his magic again, and if you do the same please tell him The Resident sent you – or if you have already been to Danilo Hair Boutique please do share your review in the comments box below.

Danilo Hair Boutique, 353 Fulham Road, London SW10 9TW; 020 7751 4477; danilohb.com

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