Revolution Personal Trainers are celebrating a decade in business, but have they still got it? They are known for their hugely successful 12 week program, so we sent along an Angel local to find out

Sarah White looks as white (sorry) as a ghost. It’s just gone 7am and she’s waiting for me in the reception of the Business Design Centre, ahead of being introduced to one of the co-founders of Revolution Personal Trainers, Giuseppe Di Credico. As the business celebrates a hugely successful ten years, Sarah is investigating to see if their 12-week transformation programme is still as hot as it was when I experienced it back in 2006 – and she’s a little nervous about what faces her.

She needn’t have worried. Despite the ungodly hour, there’s a real buzz in Revolution’s studio as soon as we walk in. Their bright red company kit immediately brightens the atmosphere, but it’s busy too: I counted 10 locals working out with trainers, all clearly enjoying – if that’s possible – working up a sweat. Ahead of Sarah’s programme, Giuseppe needs to find out as much about her as possible to help with creating the right workout, from what she eats to why she really wants to shape up.


The dream team: Giuseppe Di Credico, Rob Grim, John Grim

Post-consultation, I grab a coffee with Giuseppe to find out how things have changed since those heady days when it was just him and brothers Rob and John Grim working with clients (today they have 17 trainers). ‘When we set up, personal training was a new thing really,’ he takes a sip of his coffee. ‘Generally it was all about gym memberships. They sign you up for a year and then they don’t want you to come back. I worked in a gym and was disgusted by seeing people come in clearly wanting help – they didn’t know what to do, and I was at one of the better gyms too! Over time, more personal training studios have opened up. You can throw a handful of stones and it will hit five studios around here. But we want competition, we believe we are the best at what we do.’

We chat about the changing fitness trends – from kettlebells to HIIT – although it always comes down the individual. I remark that Giuseppe’s passion seems undiminished by the passing of time – ‘I love doing this, it’s the best job ever’ – and I add that I wish the same could be said about my body, which is not quite as lively as it was a decade ago. ‘First of all, if you haven’t got a goal then you can’t achieve anything,’ Giuseppe counters me. ‘When it comes to age, I can give you all the scientific mumbo jumbo, but I prefer layman’s terms. From the mid-20s, sometimes later, over the course of a year you will lose 3-5% of muscle mass – IF you are sedentary. If you do train then this is not necessarily the case. What you will find as you get older is the recovery is a bit harder.’

Back to the studio and Sarah has completed her consultation. The food diary causes a slight grimace, particularly due to the fact she works in travel PR and is out wining and dining a fair bit. ‘It’s all about making moderate improvements,’ Giuseppe says to calm the nerves. ‘If you are having a bottle of wine a night, then make it half a bottle, then after six weeks reduce that to a glass. You are still having it, still being able to enjoy it. In fact, you will probably enjoy it more.’


There are plenty of fitness fads out there, but it comes down to the individual

A plan of action is in place to help Sarah tone up and, after a little coaxing from Giuseppe, she reveals that she ultimately wants wear a certain figure hugging dress in 12 weeks time – we will be back to report on if she manages it. As a cheer goes up from the trainers when a success story walks through the door – that happens a lot here – here’s hoping there will be plenty more to shout about.

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