Quick Fit: The Best Way to Spend 30 Minutes in the Gym

Sebastian Ferrari, personal trainer and founder of FitStudioZ in Greenwich, shares a three-part, 30-minute workout to keep your fitness on track during the busy Christmas party season

Gyms are quiet now, before the New Year boom, as office Christmas parties and hangovers derail your usual routine.

So why not take advantage of the chance to try something new? Grab a dumbbell, venture to the weights and try putting a bar on your shoulders! You never know, you might love it.

Sure, you’re busy, and the words ‘fun’ and ‘gym’ are not natural bed partners, so I’d like to share an effective three-part 30-minute workout to keep your training on track.

1 Get HIIT fit
Skip traditional cardio and try some HIIT, specifically Tabata. Choose three exercises such as squats, lunges and squat holds. Or press ups, burpees and tricep dips. Upper and Lower alternatives mean you can train alternatives twice a week.

It’s simple: 20 seconds on; 10 seconds rest; repeat for five rounds. Done! It’s basic but effective. That will take up eight minutes of your time, it’s requires minimal equipment and you don’t even need to go the gym.

2 Compound it
Next grab a barbell, this can be anything from a full size (20kg) to a studio (2.5kg up), and get some compound movements in.

Compound movements like the deadlift are very effective

Less simple, but just as effective, compound movements involve full body movements and increase tone, definition, strength and fat loss, burning fat for hours after your workout.

Compound movements include deadlifts, squats and pull-ups. These are technical moves and not to be taken lightly, but anyone can master them and they’re very easy to fall in love with.

Why not shoot down to us at FitStudioZ – the biggest personal training community in Greenwich – where we can show you these and more in a free taster session?

3 Floor it!
Last stop – the floor! Your core and abs are crucial for posture, progression and overall functional movement (such as dragging the Christmas tree home!).

Keep it simple with crunches and leg raises. Choose five of your favourites, do 12 reps and three rounds.

Follow these three simple steps to emerge from the Christmas craziness fitter and healthier!

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