How a Pandemic Pivot Gave Sellier Knightsbridge a Boost in the Pre-Loved Market

Could 2021 be pre-loved fashion’s time to shine? The pandemic has had a devastating impact on many industries, but it could be the catalyst the fashion industry needs to change for the better. One luxury consignment store in London is ahead of the game…     

Like most industries, fashion has taken a real hit during Covid-19, but if endless lockdowns have highlighted anything, it’s how we all probably have far too many clothes. And shoes. And bags.

Plus, with fast fashion being painted as one of climate change’s biggest bad guys, we’re well overdue an overhaul in our approach to shopping.

All of this indicates that 2021 will be the pre-loved market’s time to shine, and Sellier Knightsbridge is ahead of the game. The luxury consignment store and online platform for pre-loved luxury fashion – which brings together trusted re-sellers with a discerning customer base – has had to do its fair share of pivoting during the pandemic.

With repeated lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic causing chaos, the founders decided to launch an online platform to support their bricks-and-mortar store through the closures, making it even easier for us all to keep to that one-in-one-out new year’s wardrobe resolution – buy a new bag, sell an old one, and help make the fashion industry that little bit more sustainable.

Hanushka Toni, who founded the business alongside her mother Dina Ibrahimova, believes the success of the platform is due to their engaging social content on Instagram, featuring a tightly edited and beautifully photographed luxury product selection, sourced from trusted re-sellers around the world.

‘The idea behind the online launch was to replicate the experience of going shopping with a friend – showing amazing products that fit different styles and budgets, trying these styles on and explaining the product using our social platforms, predominately Instagram stories,’ says Hanushka.

When it comes to the environmental benefits of buying second-hand, Hanushka is amazed by the shift in consumer awareness and the changing approach to how we shop.

‘Just a few years ago,’ she says, ‘most people wouldn’t have given a second thought to the vast amount of resources, water and chemicals that go into manufacturing everything we wear. We also didn’t think as much about the huge volume of textile waste resulting from fast fashion.

‘Today, we are seeing buyers increasingly aware of the fact that [buying] pre-loved not only represents amazing value for money, but also the right choice for the environment – especially when we are talking about luxury products, which are built to last.’


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Since the website launch in May 2020, Sellier has access to more super brands than ever, with VIP clients such as Millie Mackintosh and Nicola Hughes snapping up luxury items.

As well as special access to coveted items, such as and Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags, Hanushka and Dina can also get their hands on new and impossible-to-find front-row items such as the transparent runway Chanel boots spotted at Paris Fashion Week (which they managed track down, brand new, for 50% off retail).

‘The pandemic has really driven home the importance of our environment and being responsible for the world we live in’

You can sell with Selliers, too. Just hop over to their website, fill in the form, upload a few photos of the item you wish to sell, wait for a valuation and then sit back in the glow that you’re part of a more sustainable, circular economy.

‘The pandemic has really driven home the importance of our environment and being responsible for the world we live in,’ says Hanushka.

‘I think that, long term, we will definitely see a shift – not only from consumers, but also from companies towards more sustainable business practices.’

So if you’re looking for a pre-loved Balenciaga bargain that doesn’t cost the earth, you know where to head.


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