How to Survive the Party Season: The Resident Guide

Christmas is officially open at The Resident HQ. With invitations a-plenty and deadlines galore, the Resident team has become masters at managing the party season that is otherwise known as December. Here our team’s expert advice at surviving the party seasons this Christmas

1 Take the right winter vitamins

Victoria Purcell, Digital Editor,


Victoria Purcell

Ideally, you’ll get everything you need from your diet, so eat a well balanced diet and you’re covered. But we all have days where the foods we eat are pretty nutritionally feeble. Also, because vitamins and minerals interact – Vitamin D enables your body to pluck calcium from food and Vitamin C helps you absorb iron, for example – if you’re lacking in your vits, you’re not giving your system what it needs to utilise the nutrients you’re taking in.

High up on my vit-list are B Vitamins (particularly B6 and B12, your energy vitamins), Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, and Vitamin D3, the vitamin that helps boost the ‘feel good’ chemical, serotonin (we get Vitamin D naturally from the sun, but not during winter!). If nothing else, have a Berocca a day, they’re packed full of Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc, both of which help your body release energy from food.


2 Hydrate and rid yourself of toxins

Mark Kebble, Editor, The Resident magazine


Mark Kebble

So you’ve reached the end of a week of Christmas parties, meaning lots of fatty foods and a ridiculous amount of drink. Last thing you want to do is go to the gym, right? Well you should…

The first thing you should do when waking up with that raging headache is get water on board to tackle dehydration. Eat a carb-heavy meal two hours before that planned gym excursion to give your body some kind of energy.

Once there, the last thing you want to do is anything involving HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – that will do more damage to your already weak body than good. Instead, get yourself into a steady pace on a treadmill and start working up a sweat – get rid of those toxins. Some light weights, too, will help. You may feel absolutely shattered come the end of the session, but your body will thank you for it.


 3 Don’t scrimp on make-up

Victoria Smith, contributing freelancer


Vicky Smith

My key tip for surviving party season in style is – make sure your make-up’s more expensive than your outfit. Might sound unlikely at first, but however fancy your frock is, it’s your face people will ultimately focus on, and a dewy complexion, bright eyes and striking lips will make more of an impression than a designer dress or haute-couture heels. A well-stocked make-up bag will also be much more helpful the morning after the night before…

My ultimate beauty buys are MAC’s Studio Fix foundation – which hides a multitude of sins, and Dior Diorific lipstick in Roulette Red. When the party’s over, Gazelli’s White Oil Serum before bed will give you a head-start at looking human the next day. Now you can hit the high street and buy a bargain party dress that you won’t feel guilty about never wearing again, but still look a million dollars…

4 Make some time for art & culture

Catherine McCabe, contributing feelancer


Catherine McCabe

Christmas is pretty repetitive – and that can feel reassuring; but then again, there’s only so many times you can listen to Shakin’ Stevens without hurdling towards a pit of despair.

Hopefully, you’ll have some time off, so use it to do the things you feel too guilty to make time for: finish that book you abandoned, book theatre tickets or take a few hours out to walk around an exhibition that caught your eye.

The National Portrait Gallery a great place to spend a solo afternoon ambling, most of their exhibitions are free, and it’s open every day in December other than 24-26.


5 Keep December at bay

Lorraine Crighton-Smith,  contributing freelancer


Lorraine Crighton-Smith

For years I’ve taken on December full throttle and by Christmas Day I’m usually full of cold (and a few extra pounds, before the turkey is carved). This year, I’m taking a new, more balanced approach in hope of avoiding that fate.

So far, it’s working a treat. Plenty of water, healthy lunches and a half an hour (minimum) burst of exercise during the day makes way for the excess I *may* experience drinking champagne/ wine and eating calorie-laden canapés in the evening. Knowing when to say ‘no’ to events is also important.

There are parties every night during December and, tempting as that invitation might be, you will need a few nights off to look and feel your best for Christmas Day.


6 Salon style at home

Jemima Boost, contributing freelancer


Jemima Boost

I always find December passes in a blur of parties and work and there’s barely any time for anything else, especially getting ready for the parties. This year, I’m booking in my beauty appointments with Gina Conway’s at-home treatment service, Prive. Gina Conway’s expert beauticians will come to your house or office equipped with everything they need, so you can master the art of multi-tasking and still look great.

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