Treatment Review: Leave Notting Hill’s Cloud Twelve Spa Fresh Faced & Relaxed

In a quiet residential cul-de-sac near Ottelenghi in Notting Hill, Cloud Twelve spa offers relaxation and time out from the day, even if you bring your kids…

Photo: Cloud Twelve

The best part about a facial is not just the slow nod off into a gentle doze as someone pitter-patters their fingers across your face, but it’s the complements you receive afterwards on your glowing, smooth skin.

At Cloud Twelve, I tried out softmesology, the most scientific-sounding facial/treatment I’ve ever had.

It claims to firm up your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve cell renewal while increasing collagen by 120 per cent – perfect for skin no longer producing elasticity such as mine.

Sophie, the wonderful therapist who gave me a lots of realistic advice on how to tailor my care routine better to my skin, talked me through the stages of the treatment.

Through microphoresis, serums would be infused into my skin, quickly and efficiently, and this felt like a large ball point pen rolling across my face.

Electrophoresis would then push these serums deeper into my skin, while cryotherapy would lock the serums in. (A tip from Sophie: Try running an ice-cube over your make-up free face to calm and tighten your skin at home.)

The treatment also used LED therapy (each colour offers different benefits), radio frequency to refirm my skin’s elasticity and electro frequency to tighten everything up.

I appreciate none of this reads as a particularly relaxing experience, especially as I was also holding on to a rod for improved currency.

Yet, I spent the majority of the treatment drifting in and out of light sleep to finish the treatment feeling restored and deeply rested from the day, thanks to Sophie’s expert hands working across my face and the delightful heated bed.

I could also see the difference in my skin straight away- less tired, more glowing and plump. The kind of skin you don’t want to put make up on.

According to Sophie, it takes about four regular treatments before you start to really see the results of softmesology. However, later that night at a dinner I had two complements from friends, which was all I was really after.

Cloud Twelve spa is a compact centre that offers a range of treatments and services, including yoga, a wellness centre and a salon. It manages to pull off being a friendly and relaxed place, as well as an indulgent treat too.

Waiting for a massage or facial, you can relax in the sleek lounge area or take a sauna.  For a more novel experience, you can also try out the Himalayan salt steam booth – a therapy which is said to calm skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

For those with children, there’s an on-site kids club which offers classes, a play area and creche services. Parents are welcome to stay and watch, or you can drop them off and disappear into the spa or salon.

There’s the Cloud Twelve Brasserie as well with a menu so new, staff were sampling the latest dishes on the day that I visited.

The cosy dining room serves up vegetarian and vegan sharing and grazing plates.

It also has an extended drinks list boasting fruit concoctions to cleanse and detox, as well as a range of ‘lattes’ that are super-infused with plant-based goodness such as a the rose latte with rose, beetroot and rose syrup and the apoptogenic latter which is made from cacao, medicinal mushrooms, Siberian ginseng and maca.

The wine list is decent sized too, should you want to treat yourself to a quiet glass of vino knowing you won’t be interrupted by your offspring, before you head back out into London.

Open Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm; 2 Colville Mews, W11 2DA;

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