Mum-to-Be? VOGA MAMA Prenatal Workout Launches in London

Looking for a prenatal workout that helps you look and feel fabulous without all the bumps and backache chat? Well you’re in luck – Juliet Murrell, creator of London-born fashion-meets-fitness class VOGA, is launching VOGA MAMA

Expecting mums can now enjoy all the benefits of the original style-charged yoga and vogueing fused workout, via a special new class designed especially for pregnant women.

Mostly floor-based, with ‘chill out’ options available throughout the routine, VOGA MAMA classes came about after VOGA founder Murrell fell pregnant herself, and decided to create something that would help other mums-to-be get birth-fit in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

‘VOGA MAMA routines hone in on the classic body insecurities of many expectant mums,’ says Murrell.

‘We focus on arm gestures designed to both tone and build a sense of female power; shoulder and neck exercises to release pre-birthing anxiety; thigh and hip opening techniques to strengthen the body for birth; and breath flow to calm the mind at this stressful but exciting time in any expectant mothers’ life.



‘Perfect for women who want to keep their fitness levels up during pregnancy but find traditional antenatal fitness classes too easy or dull, VOGA MAMA offers the buzz of a regular workout while also safely preparing the body and mind for birth,’ she adds.

Murrell, an east London set-designer-turned yoga instructor created VOGA in 2013. The workout, a dynamic fusion of yoga and ‘vogueing’ (circa 1980s New York) is set to an iconic 80s beat and offers the health benefits of yoga with the endorphin release of a night on the dance floor.

VOGA MAMA offers the buzz of a regular workout while also safely preparing the body and mind for birth’

Since launching VOGA in London, Murrell has taken her dynamic, original workout to Ibiza, New York, Paris, Berlin, India and Istanbul with venues ranging from art galleries to club dance floors.

But while VOGA MAMA is designed for mums to be, the new workout is fundamentally designed to be fun, and anyone can join in.

‘VOGA MAMA was created especially for pregnant women, yet is suitable for anyone looking for a fun and uplifting but gentle workout – from your baby daddy to your friends.’ says Murrell. ‘Why not bring along your own mum?’

While the class is generally suitable for pregnant women from conception to birth – especially during first six months of gestation – Murrell recommends consulting your doctor before signing up to ensure it’s right for you.

VOGA MAMA launches on 30 June with a half price taster class for £10. A series of classes will then follow on 7, 14 & 21 July, priced £20 each or £50 for all three. Taking place on Sundays at 6pm. See houseofvoga.com


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