The Mandrake Launches World’s First Spiritual Wellbeing Concierge

We expect a lot from our hotels these days, but spiritual guidance has never featured on the guest services list… until now

The Mandrake – a luxury boutique hotel in Fitzrovia named in ode to the medicinal plant – has launched a dedicated Spiritual Wellbeing Concierge Service with in-room menu, offering the likes of energy healing, sound bathing and shamanic experiences.

It’s the first of its kind in the world, allowing guests to pick from a specially curated selection or have a bespoke consultation to create a completely tailored experience.

Recognising that both guests of the hotel and Londoners were seeking soul nourishing experiences, and the opportunity to connect to rituals from across the globe, the visionary team at the hotel (which has become known as the ‘Fitzrovia Oasis’) has worked with some of the finest guides in the world to expand the current wellbeing programme.

‘Spiritual Wellbeing has become a central focus, after all, we believe that the soul needs to be nourished as much as the mind and body and that beauty comes from within,’ says Rami Fustok, owner of The Mandrake.

‘It is this ethos that has led to our “spiritual spa” offering in place of a traditional spa that only deals with the physical body and does not nurture the essence of the inner being.’

Available in the intimacy of guests’ own rooms, the new Spiritual Wellbeing team offers a range of new sessions including Shamanic Healing sessions, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations, Gong Baths, Energy Cleansing and Cacao ‘quiet plant medicine’ ceremonies and rituals, all delivered by hand-selected Wellbeing Guides.

‘We believe that the soul needs to be nourished as much as the mind and body’

Take Josie Ross, founder of Eleven Healing and the Spiritual Guide specialising in sound meditations at The Mandrake. Ross conducts vibrational healings for clients to cure imbalances of energy channels and help restore mindful re-balance and create ease within the body. Her work has been recognised by Vogue, ID and Tatler.

Then there’s London based Shaman Eddy Elsey, who has many years initiation into Shamanic techniques across the UK, Thailand, India and Bali and now conducts bespoke one-to-one healings with private clients. Recently featured in GQ, Elsey also hosts The Street Spirituality Podcast, with an aim to showcase the voice of Shamans, sound spiritualists, free thinkers and positive influencers to those wanting to re-connect them with the Earth and create balance.

Visiting guides from across the world will also be making special appearances. Over the past year alone, the likes of Shaman Durek, Bibi Brzozka and Yantara Jiro have all hosted bespoke sessions in the hotel.

The culture program at The Mandrake aims to create a home for global nomads and for the curious, and this new spiritual offering adds to the hotel’s vision to provide for guests and visitors with an indulgent sensory experience like nowhere else – it’s the perfect antidote to hectic city life.

The Mandrake, located in Fitzrovia, is with 34 bedrooms, including an award-winning penthouse. The hotel boasts living walls of Jasmine and Passion flowers that surround the Jurema terrace, and also offers a weekly group session programme a Goddess Circles, Sensory Gong Baths, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl groups and breathwork.

The in-room Spiritual Wellbeing Concierge Service costs between £150 and £300.

20-21 Newman Street, Fitzrovia W1T 1PG; themandrake.com


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