5 Ideas for a Luxury Stag Do in London

Stag parties have come a long way since the days of 10 pints in the local the night before the wedding. No self-respecting best man would treat the groom is this way in 2019. Now it’s all about innovation, imagination and spending big bucks to ensure an unforgettable night (or weekend) of laughs, drinks, entertainment and drama!

London is a city well-known for the quality and variety of it’s nightlife, and there is no shortage of suitable high-class activities for stags and their parties to enjoy. Here, we’ve done the hard work for you and created a shortlist of great stag do ideas for the discerning party…

Lead image: Whisky tasting at Kouzu

1 Play Blackjack at a Top Casino
One of the most popular casinos for a stag party is Leicester Square’s Hippodrome. Channelling your inner Bond is what it’s all about, so don that tux, grab a suitably esoteric cocktail and look suave as you blend in with the VIP surroundings. If you’re new to games like roulette, poker and blackjack, get some practice in first on a live-streaming table at one of the many UK casino sites online in the weeks before your stag. At most casinos in London, stag organisers can book croupiers, VIP areas and food in advance to make sure the night runs smoothly.

2 Take a Whisky Tour
High class means quality booze. There is no room for cheap lager on a VIP stag night. So, what better way to whet the whistle than with a serious whisky tasting? This is a sophisticated operation where the party will learn all about the different types of whiskies as they are poured by a connoisseur. Many tastings are given at high-end private member clubs in areas like Belgravia.

3 Hospitality Event at Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium is a suitably epic venue for a stag party, particularly if you can tie it in with a big event like an international football match! And if there is no sporting tie happening, you can always book a tour to take in the sights and sounds of one of the UK’s best sporting venues, including walking down the players’ tunnel, sitting in the press-conference hot seat, climbing the 107 steps to collect your trophy, lifting the FA Cup and sampling the changing rooms. An awesome day out by anyone’s standards.

4 Indulge in a £1,000 Steak
When it comes to food, a high-class stag needs to go gourmet. That’s why we recommend dipping into Sushisamba in Covent Garden or the City. The Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian fusion restaurant serves a £1,000 Kobe Beef Ishiyaki for four to share, which includes a whopping 1kg of Kobe beef cooked on a hot stone with dipping sauces and pickled plums (order at least 48 hours in advance). Surely the most exclusive stomach-liner you’ll ever taste!

5 VIP Treatment at London Clubs
London has an abundance of nightclubs for stag parties to enjoy. And if you’re looking to round off a real luxury weekend’s entertainment, then you’ll need to have the VIP treatment, including plenty of champagne and your own seating area. One of London’s biggest and best clubs is Fabric in Farringdon and there’s no better place to dance the night away after a hard days drinking! Call in advance to book a VIP area and have table service.


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