London’s Most Inspirational Instagram Mums to Follow Now

Instagram Mums are on the rise, sharing the trials and tribulations of motherhood in London through funny, inspirational posts. These Instamums aren’t just ‘doing it for the gram’, they’re funny, fashionable and totally relatable… 

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1 Freddie Harrel
Freddie Harrel is both a blogger and entrepreneur. She blogs about everything from fashion to travel and self-confidence. With 137k followers, Freddie’s Instagram a mix of business, style and, of course, her son Hugo. You’ll find posts about tips for taking little ones on long-haul flights and why its important for women to have confidence in business. Check out Freddie’s grams for a mix of motherhood, fashion and female empowerment.


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2 Dress Like A Mum
Zoë de Pass, the mastermind behind the Dress Like A Mum blog and Instagram account, is setting out to change the bad image of dressing like a mum. Zoë’s Instagram, with 100k followers, is an amazing place for fashion and style inspiration for mums and mums-to-be. Whether it’s a pair of shoes with lobsters, bold polka dots or a sleek leather jacket, Zoë is proving that dressing like a mum is purely about feeling confident and wearing clothes that you love.


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3 Mummy in the City
Tine Farstad documents her life with two children in south west London. Mummy in the City is a smorgasbord of parenting woes and dramas, reviews of toys, products and classes and practical parenting advice. Tine’s Instagram account, which currently has 1,867 followers, features quirky photos of her everyday life alongside the blog. Tine manages a fine balance of glamour and reality, something we’d all like to be able to relate to!


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4 Mother Pukka
Anna Whitehouse is one of the new wave of mummy bloggers who are making a full-time job out of social media. Rather than smug shots of pristine children eating their greens in a Kinfolk-designed house, Mother Pukka represents a more realistic side of being a mum. Her vlogs show her ‘whipping up’ an Arctic Roll for her daughter’s school cake sale by unwrapping it and giving it a homemade look with a rolling pin. As well as vlogging, Anna also shares her life on Instagram where her account is not only verified with the Blue Tick we all long for, but also has an outstanding 155k followers!


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5 SE Sussed
Marcela Ferreira is all about the joys of south east London living, family style. The events to be aware of, places to go, restaurants to try, shops to visit, pop-ups to check out, markets to explore and artists to discover, as well as a few hidden gems uncovered along the way. Her blog SE Sussed is currently doing a series on interviewing local small business owners. Marcela’s Instagram, with 845 followers, is a mix of family updates and top tips on things to do.


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6 Mother of Daughters
Clemmie Hooper is the women behind the Instagram account Mother of Daughters. Clemmie is a midwife and the mother of four daughters and her page is full of both her experiences raising four girls and about speaking up for womankind. Along with being Blue Tick-verified, Clemmie also has an incredible 462k followers. She is also the author of a pregnancy book with a second book coming out soon.


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7 Michelle Kennedy 
Michelle Kennedy is the founder and CEO of the Peanut, an app geared towards helping mothers overcome isolation and loneliness by connecting local mothers and providing a place for asking questions on motherhood and beyond. Michelle’s Instagram has 3,721 followers and her account is Blue Tick-verified. If you are looking for an Instamum working to empower women, then Michelle is definitely one to follow.


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8 Jessica Diner
If you are looking for an atypical Instagram mum – and you also happen to be into beauty – then Jessica Diner is for you. Jessica is the Beauty & Lifestyle Director of Vogue – and a mum. Her Instagram, with 26.8k followers, is a mix of life through the eyes of a beauty director and quality time out and about with her son Noah. Jessica writes for Vogue regularly on both beauty and parenting.


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