London’s Best Barbers for the Movember Moustache Mayhem

Noticing more moustaches than usual around town? That’s because it’s Movember! The annual charitable event, which has taken place for 15 years, sees men around the world growing out their tache’s to raise awareness for men’s health. So, gentlemen, we’re here to share the best barbershops in town for maintaining those Movember masterpieces!

1 Murdock London, various locations
Murdock London offers a grooming experience that aims to meet every need of the sophisticated male. Originating in Shoreditch, Murdock London has since expanded throughout the city and can be found from the swankiest corners of Soho to the luxurious department store Liberty London, just in case you’re in the mood for a quick shopping break! Murdock London carry a belief that ‘natural is best’ when it comes to their Grooming Collections and their Luxury Moustache Wax certainly fits with this; made of natural white beeswax and very few additives, it provides a strong hold whilst remaining soft and malleable. This barbershop offers Moustache Trim and Styling for £15; their aim is to ensure ‘a moustache that not only looks dashing but suits your face shape and features perfectly’, so what better time then now to become a Murdock Man this Movember.

2 Ruffians, various locations
Ruffians is an award-winning barber shop based in various locations around London. Just recently being a finalist for the Best Salon Experience, Ruffians is well known for it’s exceptional customer service and products provided. Don’t be fooled, although they don’t appear to display Moustache Maintenance on their online services page, Ruffians do offer this service upon request. Moustache Maintenance at Ruffians costs £15 for 15 minutes and includes tidying, trimming, advice, twizzling and styling with an expert barber. This is the ultimate wallet-friendly way for ‘beginner tache-growers’ to find the best-suited Muzzy!

3 Ted’s Master Barber, various locations
As if Ted Baker wasn’t busy enough producing fashion, fragrance and lifestyle pieces, he’s now become an expert in the field of grooming and boy does it look swanky. This Movember, Ted Baker are here to help; from the perfectly clean shave, to the styling and right through to the end when you simply can’t handle the Lip Toupée any longer, Ted’s Traditionally Turkish treatments are available in Ted’s Grooming Room located in all stores. For a quirky, out of this world experience, Ted Baker might just become your ‘grooming guy’!

4 Barber Barber, Spitalfields
Barber Barber, located in Spitalfields Arts Market, offers Precision Beard Sculpting where beard and tache preparation is equally as important as the trim and styling procedure. Using oils, steam and hot towels, this store’s ‘Super Barbers’ are technical and precise; it’s no surprise this VIP experience is priced at £24. Barber Barber’s design screams casino-meets-cabaret as the service feels more like an entertainment show; with a cocktail bar and a roulette table to kill time while you wait, this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

5 Pall Mall Barbers, various locations
Pall Mall Barbers is celebrating its 120th year anniversary, making it one of the oldest barbershops in the UK. With several branches located conveniently around London, Pall Mall Barbers is sure to become a favourite of the Mo Bro community since announcing to offer complimentary tache trims throughout the month of Movember. Founder of Pall Mall Barbers, Richard Marshall, expressed being ‘so pleased to be supporting the ‘Mo Bros’ and their participation in Movember’. Pall Mall Barbers have made at-home tache styling even easier by launching their Moustache Wax with sandalwood and clove. The wax has been widely recognised for not only holding facial hair in place throughout the day, but also for deeply moisturising and tidying the stache.

6 Truefitt & Hill, St James’s
Truefitt & Hill impressively holds the title for the Oldest Barbershop in the World according to the Guinness book of World records… So what better place to go for some moustache management!  This is like the grandfather of all barbershops; trustworthy, experienced and sophisticated. If you’re looking for a luxury, this is the ‘Savoy’ of all barbershops, where every moment is cherished and every penny well spent. Truefitt & Hill are famous for their Moustache Wax which is formulated using 100% natural ingredients, and is alcohol free, but effortlessly allows for a mould-able hold and healthy finish.