Interactive Murals Appear in London as Part of Klarna’s ‘Mythbuster’ Campaign

Klarna launches interactive campaign with renowned artist Ignasi Monreal to tackle misconceptions about its online shopping services

Every now and then, a brand makes such an impact it becomes part of our vernacular – we turn it into a verb like Google or Hoover and, now, Klarna.

Most of us google stuff and do the hoovering at the weekend – but have you klarna’d anything yet?

Klarna, the payments and shopping service with over 14 million UK consumers and 13,000 retail partners, has taken the online shopping world by storm, but its also come in for criticism.

For millennials, it’s the new avo-toast – you know the one – you can’t afford to buy a house because you eat avocado on toast in cafes at the weekend.

Now, you can’t afford to buy a house because you’ve done a virtual trolley dash at ASOS and opted to pay for it later, never mind that the median house price in London is 12 times the median London salary (source: The Guardian).

In response, Klarna has launched a playful new ‘mythbuster’ campaign with famous Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal, inviting UK consumers to untangle misconceptions.

Taking a bold and unapologetic approach to the commentators, critics, sceptics and the curious, Klarna lays out the facts on everything from the average age of its shoppers (33) to the company name itself.

Ignasi Monreal, a renowned contemporary artist famous for his collaborations with Gucci, Vogue and Netflix, has created a series of seven pieces of artwork – each based upon a misconception seen online or in the media.

Klarna invites consumers to visit the murals located in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, or enter the mythical world online to play a mythbuster challenge.

In west London, a mural on Portobello Road features a QR code which, when scanned with a smartphone, directs you to a digital gallery that virtually immerses you in the paintings and presents a ‘Mythbuster’ challenge.

‘I’m excited to invite everyone to discover the truth, and have a laugh along the way at some of the amusing misconceptions we’ve spotted over the last 16 years’

The answers are hidden within the painting. Spot them and you could win one of four prizes ranging from a weekend stay at Claridges to a Design Classics bundle and a £10,000 donation to the hygiene poverty charity, Beauty Banks, made in your name.

So what are some of the myths to bust? The Portobello mural tackles the assumption that Klarna is only for fashionistas, when in fact you can use it to buy all sorts of things from lawn mowers to exercise bikes.

Another mural over in Redchurch Street in Shoreditch addresses the myth that Klarna is ‘too pink and weird to be trustworthy’.

But, says David Sandstrom, Chief Marketing Officer: ‘Trust is everything to us. We do like to stand out but there’s no such thing as too much pink. Also 14 million UK consumers would disagree as they love all things weird and pink. Yes, 14 million meaning we’re also the 5th largest bank in the UK alongside HSBC, meaning we follow the same rules as every other bank.

‘At Klarna we do things differently,’ Sandstrom continues, ‘and sometimes that means that there are misconceptions about our brand.

‘I’m excited to invite everyone to discover the truth, and have a laugh along the way at some of the amusing misconceptions we’ve spotted over the last 16 years.’

Click here to take on the Mythbuster Challenge

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