London’s Most Inspirational Instadads

We’ve previously charted the rise of Instagram Mums, but dads are just as keen on sharing the trials and tribulations of fatherhood through funny, inspirational posts. Here, The Resident picks out some of London’s top Instadads, who aren’t just ‘doing it for the gram’, they’re fly, funny and totally relatable… 

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1 @matt.farquharson
Matt Farquharson and wife Anna Whitehouse know a thing or two about parenting. They’re founders of the website Mother Pukka, ‘a portal for news, events, reviews and honest comment for people who happen to be parents’ (Matt is Papa Pukka, of course). They’ve also authored Sunday Times bestsellers Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life and Where’s My Happy Ending?, as well as being flexible working campaigners. Their podcast, Dirty Mother Pukka, debuted at number three on the UK iTunes chart. Follow Matt (along with 49.2K others) for posts about parenting his and Anna’s two daughters, Mae and Eve.


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2 @thediaryofadad
Meet Ben Anderson, co-founder of concert and event promotions company Musicalize and a father of three based in Bromley. His Instagram account, @thediaryofadad, has chalked up nearly 30K followers for his insights into raising kids Arlo, Myla and Esmé. Ben details both the highs and lows of family life, and also opened up about the heart-breaking loss of his twin babies, Chloe and Cairo, following their premature birth at 21 weeks in 2019.


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3 @twindadlondon
One baby is tough, two even tougher, but twins… eek! If you’re looking for twinspiration, look no further than Twin Dad in London. Oscar, father to twins Bertie and Baxter, charts the lives of his sons via his Instagram account, which has more than 5,000 followers. He’s also appeared on the BBC Three YouTube video, Things Not To Say To Stay-At-Home Dads, which is pretty amusing (although obviously not to the fathers involved!). Watch it here:

4 @faronalexpaul
Faron Alex Paul, creator of the Don’t Stab Your Future foundation, is working to tackle crime on London’s streets. The father of two uses his Instagram account (which has over 92K followers) and FazAmnesty organisation to contact people who wish to dispose of knives without going to the police. Shop vouchers are Faron’s reward for those choosing to relinquish weapons, which he subsequently gives to police without saying where they came from. The 34-year-old has appeared in a Ross Kemp documentary and collaborated on an anti-knife crime track titled Put Down The Knives. His feed is pretty hard hitting, but there are tender family moments too, like this one:


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5 @thedadlab
Sergei Urban began TheDadLab to inspire fun activities that people could do from home while educating their children and spending more quality time with them. His Instagram account – which currently stands at one million followers – is full of ingenious ideas for things you can do with the kids, with everything on offer from static electricity experiments to puppet ideas. The father of Alex and Max, originally from Latvia, is also the author of a bestselling book: TheDadLab: 40 Quick, Fun and Easy Activities to do at Home.


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6 @twodadsinlondon
Two Dads in London charts the lives of Lewis and Richard, living in the capital and raising their two adopted children. ‘As well as talking about daily struggles of being a parent, we try to keep our account real, with some light-hearted fun along the way,’ Lewis says. ‘Our midweek morning dances have become something really fun in the mornings, not just for us and our followers [all 47.6K of them] but most importantly, the kids love them too.’ Oh and, the family has a little pup called Belle, too.


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