How to Match Your Jewellery with Your Eye Colour & Skin Tone

‘It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules’
~ Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was one of fashion’s influential rule-breakers, and Sophie Padfield – a jewellery expert with Elmwood’s auction house – believes the same applies to our choice in jewellery – there are no rules!

When it comes to choosing jewellery, it should be as unique and individual as you are. And while there are no rules, per se, there are a few things to consider to ensure your jewellery brings out the best in you.

My personal favourite when it comes to choosing jewellery is an unapologetic statement ring to bring a pop of colour to your outfit.

Rings are always a talking point. They can be worn stacked, and on both hands, if you so desire. In my opinion, they are there to be admired, so the bigger the stone, the better.

This Colombian emerald and diamond ring in 18ct white and yellow gold – set with an emerald cut emerald of 3.83 carats, between tapering baguette cut diamonds – is expected to sell for £6,000-£8,000 at Elmwood’s next jewellery auction

When choosing a ring, it is really important to consider the gemstone’s durability – its ability to resist abrasion from everyday wear and tear.

The hardness of a stone is measured by a scale called the Mohs scale (named after its inventor, the German geologist and mineralogist Friedrich Mohs) in which one is measured as talc and 10 as diamond.

‘One of the many great things about jewellery is that it has the unique power to both emphasise the colour of our eyes and complement our skin tone’

Anything over a seven is totally suitable for whenever the mood takes you. Nevertheless, the setting also plays an integral part in helping to protect the stone, so opt for one which is set within gold or platinum; the most enduring of metals.

Our choice of colour is often influenced by the season, so now that summer has arrived an aquamarine is a fantastic choice. The wonderful thing about aquamarine is that it has this magical ability to look great in any size and set into any piece of jewellery.

This aquamarine and diamond dress ring, set with a round cut aquamarine of 19.35 carats within a border of round cut diamonds totalling 2.2-2.6 carats – is expected to go for around £2,000-£3,000 at Elmwood’s next jewellery auction

Aquamarine also has good durability (a score of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale), which means it can be safely worn every day. This gorgeous stone has factors of quality which are defined by the four Cs – colour, clarity, cut and carat. Aquamarine stones, with their sparkling sky-blue hues, are quite rightly prized for their extraordinary transparency.

One of the many great things about jewellery is that it has the unique power to both emphasise the colour of our eyes and complement our skin tone. Earrings which are close to our faces, are especially brilliant at bringing out our natural eye colour.

When you want to complement the colour of your eyes, have a think about the colour wheel (the relationship of colours to one another) and which colour of stones work best together.

This blue topaz and diamond ring in 18ct white gold – set with an emerald cut blue topaz of 18.22 carats, between round cut diamond set shoulders – should fetch £600-£800 at Elmwood’s next jewellery auction

For example, aquamarines are perfect for those with blue eyes, emeralds for those with green eyes, and imperial topaz or amethyst for brown-eyed girls.

When it comes to skin tones, a cool skin tone looks best with red, purple and blue gemstones, set in white metals. Whereas warm skin tones work best with yellow, orange and green gemstones, set in gold.

So, while there are no ‘rules’ as such, there are some smart choices you can make to ensure your jewellery enhances your natural features.

Elmwood’s next jewellery auction, featuring a host of exceptional gems, takes place on Wednesday 3 June 2020 at 2pm. For further information, click here


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