How to Become a Successful Forex Trader with London-based Astrofx

Forex trading – or foreign currency and exchange trading – is something of a mystery to most people, but to 30-year-old Aman Natt, it’s second nature. And it could be for you, too…

Lead image: Aman Natt at the Astrofx office in Mayfair (© Judy Totton)

Aman Natt not only teaches Forex, he is the only person to own and run a 22-person trading floor in Mayfair. Astrofx, located on Grosvenor Street, next door to the billion-dollar investment company, Investcorp, is a foreign exchange trading company with a team of 14 people, 10 of whom were students of Aman’s.

From the most unlikely of beginnings, Aman has risen to become one of a handful of young British millionaires who are proof that determination and hard work can pay off, whatever your background.

Interestingly, Aman has created his success in a thoroughly modern way, making social media his launch pad. He even created his own Youtube channel and conducts Astrofx business via Instagram.


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Born in Coventry in 1989, Aman was a shy boy and, since his parents spoke very little English, he always felt behind his schoolmates. The family’s annual six week family trips to his parents’ native India added to his sense of isolation from his peers. But he doesn’t resent his roots, and uses part of his profits to help those less fortunate back in India.

Initially, his goal at the time was to go to university, graduate and command a salary of £30,000. But, at the age of 21, a friend of Aman’s took him to Las Vegas and everything changed.

‘I saw them spend around £90,000 in 10 days and I couldn’t believe it,’ he said. ‘It never occurred to me at the time that this may have been profligacy on a grand scale, what I saw then was that there was more to life than a £30,000 job – and I knew that’s what I wanted to have.’

‘I picked up a few books and started practising every day, it became a very big passion’

Aman did go to university but left at the age of 20 and set about trying to make money. Clothes, restaurants, import/export… nothing stuck until he discovered how to trade.

‘I loved the fact that it was new, it was different and it seemed lucrative,’ Aman says. ‘I picked up a few books and started practising every day, it became a very big passion. I didn’t realise it would take so long though – I remember going to the Lamborghini showroom and telling them I’d be back in a few months, but it was nine months before I went back and bought one.’

So how did he finally make it? Aman met the man who was to become his business partner, Shaun Lee, through Facebook and it took three years of toil, struggle, loss and argument before they started to see the positive fruits of their labour.

Eventually, people began to contact them to learn their secret. Via their Facebook popularity came an approach from a company inviting them to London to teach. It proved to be their ‘road to Damascus’ moment.

‘That meeting made us realise we had a better product ourselves. We didn’t need to join forces with others, we could do it off our own bat, and so we did. The next week we launched Astrofx in Birmingham.’

That landmark moment was in 2012 and since then the partners have become market leaders, teaching across the world from the US to Brazil and Malaysia.

‘We want to be inclusive as well as encouraging. We hope to include both the fund and our traders in our expansion model’

In the next two years they plan to open offices in Miami, South Africa and Malaysia where they have huge student bases – no surprise when you consider they have one of the largest YouTube and Instagram followings in Forex. In fact, they are the only two verified Forex traders on Instagram, and YouTube recently presented Aman with an award in recognition of reaching one million subscribers.

Now Aman and Shaun have created a fund from their educational income to allow them to financially back traders if they see they are doing well, even allowing other traders to join their trading floor and become a part of the fund themselves.

‘This is something very few in our industry do,’ says Aman. ‘We want to be inclusive as well as encouraging. We hope to include both the fund and our traders in our expansion model.

‘My parents taught me to be very giving. Every year they took me to places in India to help the less fortunate and give food and clothes to the disabled. My Mum had cancer and, while she was alive, we set up a cancer camp in India. It allowed my village to go and get checked out for free and get advice. It was inspirational to me and is something I definitely plan to return to.’

Currently AstroFX is offering three new clients the chance to take their Forex trading course for absolutely free – a great way to boost finances in such uncertain times.

Moreover they are offering a massive 50% discount to all other participants who sign up in the next 14 days. Usually priced at £1,999, the July/August course is on special offer at £999.

‘In an uncertain time, one thing has remained constant has been the ability to profit from market movements and, so far this year, we have helped more than 140 traders do just that,’ says Aman.

‘We run, and have done for several years, very successful Forex trading courses that have taught many people from all over the world. The course provides proven strategies and is an excellent investment in yourself if learning to trade is something you’ve always wanted to do.

‘We can show you how to do it and point you to all the pitfalls and the goalposts. However it’s not a “get rich quick scheme”,’ Aman stresses. ‘It takes dedication and practice to become good at trading, so we help monitor your journey as much as possible.

‘In addition, we also provide follow-up and support for our students. We like to encourage them and often invite the best participants in the course to join us in our company and trade with us.

To this end we have decided to offer the top three traders from this online course $10,000 each with which to trade, thus giving them a significant head start in the trading world.’

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