Hand Sanitiser: Is Yours Strong Enough to Kill off COVID?

With shops reopening, people are cautiously starting to step out onto the streets once again. Of course, there are two things we shouldn’t be leaving home without for the foreseeable – face masks and hand sanitiser

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But is your hand sanitiser good enough? Even some sanitising solutions containing over 60% alcohol are not effective against coronavirus, so make sure you know what to look for when buying hand sanitser.

Plus, if you’re a small business preparing to reopen, you need to make sure that your staff and customers are safe.

So what do you need to look for in a hand sanitser? And what should businesses consider before opening? Raees Sayed, Strategic Relations Officer at MYDIS – an Essex-based specialist in antibacterial products – talks us through effective sanitising…

Hand sanitiser & coronavirus

‘Some high-street hand sanitisers with less than 60% of alcohol are less effective against germs and may only reduce growth, rather than killing them,’ says Sayed.

‘Even some solutions containing over 60% of alcohol are not strong enough to remove all types of germs, including COVID-19, but they will reduce the growth of the virus and minimise the risk and spread of infection.’

Nothing beats handwashing, but this isn’t always practical when you’re out and about, so it’s important to look for an effective hand sanitser.

Make sure your hand sanitiser gel is strong enough to beat COVID-19. Bear in mind that, for sensitive skin, alcohol free options can be just as effective (photo: FamVeld / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

MYDIS sanitising solutions

MYDIS sanitising solutions are tested against coronavirus by UKAS accredited labs. The company has developed two solutions – one with 75% alcohol and an alcohol-free hand sanitiser for those with sensitive skin. Both are available in individual 100ml bottles and 5L canisters.

‘People have the common misconception that non-alcoholic sanitisation products don’t work, but this non-irritating formula, like its 75% alcohol counterpart, has been tested and determined effective against coronavirus,’ says Sayed.

The MYDIS alcohol-free hand sanitiser has no preservatives, colours or fragrances (no aldehydes or surfactants) and complies with DHGM and DVV guidelines.

Advice for business owners

MYDIS also offers larger-scale solutions for businesses: ‘We offer touch-free sanitising stations to help businesses keep their customers and staff safe,’ says Sayed.

Choose from standard hand sanitising dispensers or a hand sanitising station complete with wi-fi enabled screens for advertising. Both options have built-in UV light disinfection which kills bacteria on contact.

‘I would recommend that any sanitising products are within easy reach and that there are multiple stations or units spread out within the building, especially near touchpoints,’ says Sayed. ‘We’ve all had to adjust to a new way of living, and it’s easy to forget to regularly sanitise your hands.’

MYDIS also offers a fogging disinfecting service – with no harmful chemicals – for total surface cleaning and sanitisation in larger spaces such as schools, gyms, offices, cinemas and public transport.

Find out more at mydis.com

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