A skin rejuvenation technique that implants thin gold thread into the skin claims to be the latest weapon in the fight against signs of ageing

A groundbreaking new treatment, in which a gold thread is woven under the skin, promises to create plumper, tighter skin – all without undergoing any surgery.

The magic happens when the skin reacts to the introduction of the 0.1mm thick gold thread with increased production of collagen. New tissue formation stimulates and increases metabolism and blood flow to the treated areas, which results in skin rejuvenation.

Results of the hour long non-surgical procedure are said to be noticeable within six to eight months after the treatment and complete results usually are achieved by one year after the procedure. For those that don’t want a full face lift, specific wrinkles can be targeted by stitching the thread across the target area, which swells enough to fill to wrinkle.

The new gold thread facelift was introduced to the UK after Irina Gorianova, the Manchester-based owner of the Laserina beauty clinic, tested it on her own skin and was delighted with the results. However, the technique of gold implantation is thought to have been used by the queens of ancient Egypt in 5,000 B.C. Tiny pieces of gold, in the form of thread or filaments, are found in all queen’s mummies of ancient Egypt.

Things have moved on since then, and now, Gold ThreadTM Implantation, developed by Dr. Pawel Koziczynsky in year 2000, is an ultra-minimal invasive procedure with no bleeding or scars. The procedure does not require general anesthesia – with 65 per cent of patients who underwent the facelift saying they felt no pain at all.

“This procedure took 20 years to develop and perfect and we are confident that it is a huge step forward in non surgical procedures,” said Dr. Pawel Koziczynski, “Previous implementations of the technique were good for their times, but they required much more recovery time for patients. Now they needn’t lay low after visiting the clinic.”

The 46-year-old Irina chose the treatment after she noticed that her skin was beginning to sag. “I noticed that it had begun to lose its elasticity and the lines around my nose and mouth were gradually becoming deeper,” she said. Irina had three gold threads woven into each cheek and reported no pain after her treatment, returning to her daily routine the next day. The clinic director said she began to notice the first major improvements in the quality of her skin two months after the procedure.

These improvements continued and after ten months Irina noted the lines around her face and mouth had drastically improved, and were much less noticeable than before treatment. This month, a new advanced gold thread is being introduced to the treatment, which will allow people to see the results immediately. 

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