Footman & Butler: The Property Management Service that Will Run You a Bath or Build an Extension

It’s been a long, hard day, and all you want to do is get home, sink into a hot bath and climb into bed. If only you could have a 21st century butler. Well as it happens, you can…

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What’s better than a butler? A luxury, nothing-is-too-much-trouble service that offers the same level of convenience, without the need to employ a full-time staff. The days of Downton Abbey are long gone, after all.

London-based Footman & Butler has reinvented the concept of the butler – and the footman – for the modern world. After all, today’s Mayfair townhouse, or penthouse apartment in the City, is unlikely to have room for a live-in Mr Carson, Mr Bates and Mrs Patmore (that’s the butler, valet and cook, for non-Downton fans).

Instead, the luxury, tailor-made property management and concierge company provides an on-demand professional service to look after your home as if it were their own, from taking care of the little things from keyholding to fresh flowers in the hallway, to property maintenance and refurbishment.

Footman & Butler is a luxury property management service that goes the extra mile (photo: Nastco / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Originally established with second home owners in mind – especially those who want to fly into London, drop their bags and get on with their to-do list – the service has grown to offer property management for full-time London residents and landlords too.

Footman & Butler was founded by two well-travelled architects, Majed Harasani and Teodosi Nikolov, who saw the appeal and convenience of a hassle-free, hotel-style service combined with the creature comforts of being at home.

The venture is now run solely by Harasani, who says: ‘Anything the property needs we are there to take care of, from maintaining the property to ensuring a seamless arrival and departure that’s less hassle than checking in and out of a hotel.

‘Plus, the advantage of a property management company founded by architects is that we can even enhance your property value, from professional interior design to renovations or planning and building an extension.’

‘We make the experience of owning a property simpler. So you can focus on enjoying your home’

It takes a lot of energy to keep a prestige property at its best, but if your London pad isn’t your primary residence, or your day-to-day life in the capital is simply too busy, you might need help to keep your home running just as you like it.

That’s where Footman & Butler’s discreet, trusted and tailored service comes in: ‘We make the experience of owning a property simpler. So you can focus on enjoying your home,’ says Harasani.

Driven by attention to detail, the service goes way beyond property management, offering various tiers of concierge services that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Harasani wants his clients to enjoy the levels of service you might expect to find at a hotel. As such, Footman & Butler offers chauffeur-driven transfers to and from the airport, babysitters, event planning, mail watching, ensuring somebody is there to receive deliveries, and much more.

‘It all stems from having visited high-end hotels and experiencing the luxury hospitality sector,’ adds Teagan Howard, Client Manager at Footman & Butler.

‘We wanted to offer the same sort of level of service for our residents in their own home, and speaking to friends and contacts it was clear there was a desire for this sort of convenience and luxury lifestyle.’

And that starts with walking through the door into a warm (or perfectly air-conditioned) environment, being greeted by your favourite flowers in the hall, and not having to sort through piles of post. It might also mean lowering yourself into a relaxing bath that’s been run just as you like it.

‘Footman & Butler combines the convenience of hotel-style service with the creature comforts of being at home’

But since no two properties or lifestyles are alike, clients can choose from a number of property management and concierge packages, with a tailor-made platinum option available on request. Plus, there are separate packages available for permanent residents and landlords.

Housekeeping, property maintenance, key holding and property checks all come as standard, so you won’t need to worry about whether you’ve left the hair straighteners on, the dishes in the sink or the back door open.

Plus, for extra peace of mind, a member of staff will be on call 24/7 for emergencies: ‘I recently had to go to a property at 4am because the alarm was going off,’ said Teagan, without even the mildest hint of annoyance. ‘I am here, I’m local, so I can get to clients’ properties quickly and easily if necessary.’

From fixing that leaky tap to coordinating housekeepers and just making sure you come back to a warm home, Footman & Butler offers that hotel level of service in your own home – just send a text or email and consider it done.

So, what temperature do like your bath water?

Footman & Butler currently has clients in Chelsea, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Kensington and Fulham, but offers its services across London. Find out more at


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