Our feet are the foundations of our body, if they’re out of alignment, so is the rest of the body. Many knee, hip, back problems stem from issues with our feet, which in turn lead to unnecessary stress being put on other joints as they try to compensate. The overall result is pain and poor mobility. It doesn’t have to be like this though. Follow these three simple steps and you’ll have less pain and much greater mobility…

1 The right fit: A study by Homerton Hospital in 2010 found that up to 85% of people regularly wear ill-fitting shoes. While some of this is down to vanity (women in particular often squeeze their feet into shoes that are too small), the main problem is incorrect measurement by untrained shoe store staff. The consequences of wearing the wrong size shoes can be dramatic. They impede healthy growth in young people; cause deformities like bunions in middle aged people and can lead to falls and fractures among older people. As the Society of Shoe Fitters point out, ‘footwear is the only item of clothing that can seriously affect your health and wellbeing’. Before you buy any footwear, make sure you get your feet measured and assessed by a trained professional. At Foot Solutions in Richmond, both feet are carefully measured and scanned before the customer undergoes a thorough gait analysis.

Trained staff at Foot Solutions will measure your feet correctly

2 Support where it matters: Once your feet have been accurately measured and assessed, the next step is to ensure that they are properly supported within your shoes. Proper support provides stability, promotes good posture and enables an efficient, healthy gait that doesn’t put undue stress on feet and other joints. As we get older, the arches in our feet (which provide natural support), often collapse during movement, leading to foot and joint pain. Custom arch supports (also known as orthotics) provide highly effective support for the feet and can lead to a significant reduction in pain. At Foot Solutions in Richmond, custom arch supports are tailored to the exact contours of the feet, thus ensuring good support, stability and improved posture.

3 Step out in style: This is the fun part of the process. Once you’re armed with the correct feet measurements and custom arch supports, you can select stylish, comfortable footwear designed to suit your feet and your lifestyle. Shoes should be long and wide enough to comfortably accommodate both your feet and your custom arch supports. At Foot Solutions in Richmond you’ll find a comprehensive selection of stylish and comfortable shoes, boots, sandals and trainers for formal, casual and sporting use. Nearly all the footwear on offer is orthotic-friendly.

Arch supports will help keep your feet in the right position

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