How to stay fit without leaving home is the question on everyone’s lips as we move into winter. With plummeting temperatures and routine rain, contemplating venturing outdoors for that weekly run no longer seems so appealing. And with the impending festive season, fitness routines taper off, invariably leading to us panicking about weight loss as soon the calendar hits the 1st of January.


So, how can we all stay fit without having to go jogging in the local park in our wellies and woollens? The answer to getting fit easily is swimming.

The benefits of swimming

 Not only is a sport that can be enjoyed indoors, it is also a low impact sport and great to keep up your fitness levels, as well being great for weight loss. Consistency being essential to not only improving stroke technique, but also keeping the muscles active, and the pounds off. Making swimming a weekly routine is key to success.

According to the NHS, regular swimming can reduce the risks of chronic illness, such as heart disease and a stroke. One of the other main benefits is that it’s a great exercise to release endorphins and lift your mood, which we all tend to battle with as the darkness sets in mid-afternoon.

A fun way to get fit

It’s important to find somewhere to swim that fits in easily to your daily routine, whether it be work, your kids or other activities. Also be sure to invest in some goggles and a swimming cap. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to swim, if you are a beginner, lessons are a great way to give you confidence and keep you swimming better for longer.

So there is no excuse to be snoozing through the winter months, it’s time to get off the sofa and start swimming. Swimming Nature runs lessons throughout London and Edinburgh for babies, children and adults, whether you are a beginner or capable swimmer looking for stroke development.

You can find out more about the swimming lessons and programmes they offer by going to or by calling 08445040506.


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