Wondering whether to pop the question this Christmas? The holiday season is a great time to ask your other half to marry you. Let the experts at Michael Platt in Wimbledon Village help you choose the ring


Is this the right time to make it happen for you and your partner? Only you can know the true answer, but, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that yes is the right answer! The holiday season is a great time to pop the question.

Proposing should be one of life’s most unforgettable romantic moments; make it special. Intimate and private, just the two of you, or public — all singing and dancing like Kim and Kanye. Not everyone can hire out a stadium with a 50-piece orchestra or afford a 15ct diamond engagement ring but each proposal can be memorable.

So where to start when it comes to the ring: gemstone or diamond? What shape? Modern or traditional? Single or multi stones? Simple or intricate? Gold or platinum? So many decisions to make. Firstly set your budget, be realistic and comfortable about what you can afford. At Michael Platt, the friendly team realises that buying an engagement ring can be an exciting but daunting experience. Whatever the budget, they like nothing better than a romantic proposal and finding the perfect ring for every couple.


Take note of your partner’s style and current jewellery. The staff at Michael Platt are happy to show a range of rings and explain all the options that affect the price of gemstones and diamonds. Michael Platt will guide customers through the maze of information on diamonds; giving an understanding of the four Cs; cut, carat, clarity and colour. With a little background information, effective decisions can be made to achieve that dream diamond ring for the budget set. Although size (carat), clarity and colour are equally important and determined by nature, it is the skill of the diamond cutter that will bring a diamond to ‘life’.

The usual choice of metal for the setting is gold or platinum. White gold and platinum, when brand new, look almost identical, but will wear very differently. Gold rings will wear down over time and usually need more maintenance whilst platinum is stronger and more durable but commands a higher price. Whilst setting the wedding date may not be a priority at this stage, some thought should be given to the wedding band that will not only fit well against the engagement ring but look good together on the finger. Wedding rings, whether plain, fancy or diamond set, should complement the engagement ring and not overwhelm.

If there is an inherited gemstone or diamond to pass on through the generations in a dated or worn setting or you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for or if a unique ring is what’s desired, Michael Platt specialise in Bespoke Jewellery, made on site in their own workshop. An experienced in-house designer and working Goldsmith will be hands on in designing and making the ring. Customers are invited to participate as much as they wish to see their ring develop stage by stage.

If choosing that finished ring is too risky, why not opt for a loose gemstone or diamond for your proposal? It’s a very touching, thoughtful and romantic gesture

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