Studio manager of clothing label Rose & Willard Matthew Coats reveals his trend predictions ahead of London Fashion Week this September, and tells us why he loved working with Cara Delevingne in his bygone days as a Storm model agent

How would you describe the fashion style in Kensington & Chelsea at the moment?
People love good, high quality fashion here and they embrace a range of styles, so I wouldn’t say that there was one overarching style. And that’s one of the great thing about Chelsea, that there are so many individual looks.

What trends do you predict we’ll see emerging from fashion week this September?
The print for spring is going to be gingham and the graphic pattern is going to get a sophisticated makeover. The silhouette is louche suits and languid dresses in reference to the Eastern Japanese kimono style and navy is definitely the new black.

You used to work as an agent at Storm – why did you decide to move out of that side of the industry?
Although I loved my time at Storm, and the team; models and even the clients were fantastic to work with, I felt that I needed to do something a little more creative. I had done my BA in fashion design at London College of Fashion and decided to give the other side of the coin a go.

What’s the craziest thing that happened while you were working as an agent?
I once had a big model turn up 48 hours late for a job, which was pretty stressful! Most days were incredibly stressful as you had to juggle millions of jobs in different countries at once. However, the industry is far more professional than people imagine, and that is particularly true of Storm.

How did you find working with Cara Delevingne, what’s she really like, beyond the media obsession?
She has a razor sharp wit and was one of the funniest people I’ve worked with, so I absolutely loved it. Her work ethic was fantastic as well, which made my job much easier.

How did you end up working for Rose & Willard, how would you describe your role?
As soon as I heard about Rose & Willard I was inspired by Heidy’s vision for an affordable, luxury British womenswear brand that empowered women. And when I was offered the role of studio manager, I couldn’t possibly turn down the opportunity. Since then my role has expanded to far more of the business, particularly the e-commerce side.

Where are your top three boutiques for menswear in Kensington & Chelsea?
I do think Kensington & Chelsea needs more menswear boutiques, it’s one of the few things it’s lacking. But that’s ok because Bluebird is always there to help out. In my view, it’s one of the best boutiques in London. I could live in that shop.

What do you love about living in Chelsea?
The Partridges Food Market on the Duke of York Square. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


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