Introducing Vault Couture, the virtual wardrobe system that also stores and sends clothes to you wherever you are in the world

Calling all jet-setters! Vault Couture’s wardrobe management service could save you from the stress of packing, then re-packing, next time you travel.

The company, which launched an invitation-only service in 2012, is now providing a storage solution for busy Londoners with jam-packed wardrobes. With the facility to send out clothes to clients anywhere in the world, Vault Couture also takes the hassle out of packing suitcases of clothes for trips away.

Here’s the deal. A team of white lab coat-wearing professionals will sort through and professionally photograph each item of a client’s wardrobe. This means it can be viewed virtually, for clients to easily pick and choose which garments they want to wear and when.

The Resident: A Vault Couture warehouseA Vault Couture warehouse

All items are then sent to a climate-controlled facility in a secret central London location. Here, seamstresses and tailors are available as well as expert stylists who can provide tips and updates on the latest trends. Items from the wardrobe can then be shipped to a client in breathable garment bags and boxes whenever they’re needed.

It’s no surprise that Gywneth Paltrow is a fan. She says her closet is ‘a lot less daunting’ after signing up to the service.

Sounds like a life-saver? To create a digital wardrobe with Vault Couture, a one year contract beginning at £4 an item per month with a minimum of 100 pieces of clothing is needed. Visit for more information.