Upgrade Your Folding Bike with an eBike Retrofit

Much loved by commuters, Brompton bikes are a common sight on the streets of London, having amassed a loyal following thanks to their lightweight, foldable design.

Like most bicycle retailers over the last year, the iconic British manufacturer has seen a surge in demand as people look for healthier, more convenient and sustainable ways to travel around the city.

But for riders who want a bit of a boost to help them tackle their commute, an electric folding bike is an even more attractive option. Sales of eBikes have boomed since the start of the pandemic, and the good news is that you can now convert your existing Brompton folding bike.

Joe Campbell from ARCC Bikes – a state-of-the-art engineering and design company, which specialises in eBike retrofit systems – explains how you can convert your Brompton to electric and why their system makes it the ultimate commuter bike.

How do I make my Brompton bike electric?
‘With the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod it couldn’t be simpler to electrify your Brompton,’ says Joe. ‘Simply book your bike in and ARCC’s experts will do the rest.’

Essentially, what ARCC Bikes does is add a highly intuitive, lightweight computer to your bike for a more efficient and enjoyable ride – and when the battery is removed, it can be used as a regular bike.

What is the best Brompton electric conversion kit?
With a sophisticated inclinometer/accelerometer and a highly responsive microcontroller, the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod has been referred to as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of eBike retrofit kits.


Convert your Brompton to an eBike with an ARCC retrofit system

‘The system has undergone extensive research and rigorous testing to get it to this stage,’ says Joe. ‘The pod is CNC machined and undergoes hand finishing before being vibro-polished, vapour-honed, and hard anodised, resulting in a robust, compact but beautiful product.’

In a nutshell, the system consists of a compact 250W front hub motor, paired with a front-head tube mounted computer, a Bluetooth controller, and an advanced torque sensor. Powered by Bosch batteries, it is also compatible with most Brompton bags.

‘The ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod automatically compensates for hills and allows the cyclist to choose the amount of effort they want to put into pedalling – it has been referred to as the Rolls-Royce of eBike retrofit kits’

What makes the retrofit system ideal for commuting?
There’s no denying that cycling in London can sometimes be a slog, especially during rush hour. If you’ve ever turned up to work looking like you’ve done a high intensity workout, you’re not the only one. Whether used for commuting or leisure, an ARCC electric Brompton bike can make riding easier, safer and more enjoyable.

‘The ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod automatically compensates for hills and allows the cyclist to choose the amount of effort they want to put into pedalling,’ Joe explains.

‘This means that their exertion levels remain constant as if cycling on even ground, even when tackling steep gradients, so you can get from A to B without sweating through your clothes.’

Other handy features include a Bluetooth handle-bar mounted controller that allows you to change the level of assistance on the go and a ‘launch control’ feature which provides a three-second boost from a standing start, which is useful when moving away from junctions and heavy traffic.

The Bosch batteries are also ideal for urban travel as they’re portable, charge quickly and are available to buy from most power tool retailers. You can even charge your phone using one of the three USB-C ports on the side of the pod.

How much does it cost to convert to an electric Brompton?
The ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod is priced at £1,799 with a five-year warranty.

‘The great thing about an electric conversion kit is the long-term savings you’ll make compared to solely using public transport, with the motor making light work of longer distances,’ says Joe, adding that Bosch batteries are cheaper than conventional eBike batteries and have a two-year warranty.

To book your Brompton bike in for an electric upgrade, call 01223 893 290 or email and the experts at ARCC will retrofit the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod system to your bike at their Cambridgeshire headquarters. You can also book a test ride at their north London or Cambridgeshire sites. Email with the subject ‘RESIDENT’ to claim your free ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod lock upgrade when you convert your Brompton. Find out more at

Please note that the retro-fitting of electric kits invalidates the warranty on your Brompton, but if you retro-fit an ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod, then ARCC will honour the remaining warranty on the bike


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