Introducing south Londoner and aesthetics mastermind, Body Fixer’s Dr Tijion Esho, who says it’s all about the faux natural look at the moment and points out the dangers of facial aesthetic crazes that are sparked by celebrities – because we’ll never forget #lipgate…

Body sculpting and facial tweaking used to be special treats reserved for the Hollywood elite. Back in those days, the average Joe couldn’t help but marvel at the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor for their exceptional genes, none the wiser that such augmentations even existed. Now we’re more informed, and the beauty industry has hurtled forth and innovated at the speed of light, making such treatments available to everyone. Londoners generally like to keep it classy, but travel nationwide, or hop across the pond to Los Angeles, and you’ll probably spot an overzealous filler face or two.

In an attempt to rein in the cosmetic bingeing of the last few years, where women and men alike were so spoilt for choice they naively just went to town, these days the real experts are offering an alternative to swollen lips and tennis ball cheeks. Looking as if you’ve just come back from a really great, holistic sunny holiday is the way to be, ageing gracefully but slowly, as if you’ve just always made the right lifestyle choices.

That’s where Dr Tijion Esho comes in. Not only has he just won the Allergan research contract to look into the development of crow’s feet, but he’s also just launched the ESHO concept available in his London clinic and beyond, as well as a product line in the works that’s anticipated to make waves.

Botox was first discovered in the 1930s when doctors were treating people with squints, and contrary to popular belief, it’s actually been heavily researched ever since then

Speaking of his very specialised research, he says: ‘Allergan is the company that produces the Juverderm filler and Botox, which are both widely used across the globe. I’ve been working very closely with them and they study the efficacy of the products they produce in depth. Botox was first discovered in the 1930s when doctors were treating people with squints, and contrary to popular belief, it’s actually been heavily researched ever since then.’

Despite having been on the scene for almost a century, many of us are still wary of Botox. Alleviating these concerns, Esho says: ‘One of the biggest misconceptions about Botox is that its toxicity is somehow harmful to the human body. The NHS has been using Botox as a non-cosmetic treatment in significantly higher doses than we ever would cosmetically with no adverse effects for many years. The research and safety profiling behind it is very solid, actually more so than some of these newer treatments that people deem as “safer”.’

Dr Esho with the cast of Channel 4’s Body Fixers

His vast amount of industry knowledge is the result of many years of experience, combined with an innate knack for aesthetics and meticulous training. I’m fascinated and overwhelmed all at once. His advanced level of skill is the founding reason behind why he’s launched the ESHO brand; he wants to tap into lesser known technologies, and to impart this brilliance on the masses.

I’ve heard it said countless times that the time of the lip filler has been and gone, and yet Esho disagrees, explaining candidly: ‘The explosion of lip filler was down to celebrity and social media co-signage, and yes, some took it too far. After that whole craze died down, a new wave of practitioners took the reins and started achieving natural effects. I hope I was part of that wave. So it’s not that it’s “over”, it’s just gone under the radar because it’s not at all apparent when it has been done well.’

In his opinion, fillers will eventually overtake Botox as the most sought after aesthetics treatment, as the facial contouring possibilities are endless. Subtle tweaks that cause a ‘she looks great, she looks better, but I can’t quite put my finger on why’ result are all the rage right now and that’s where the appeal power of temporary fillers lies, as well as their reversable nature. Esho also points out that choosing a doctor with a diverse understanding is key because those that can work on people of colour without erasing their native features are few and far between. Born and raised in north London, Esho is a traitor to the northside, having now set up home in London Bridge. He laughs when I put this to him but rightly states that ‘it’s all up and coming in south London now, it’s where it’s at’.

You can’t just plonk somebody else’s facial features on your face and hope for the best

Before we part ways, Esho can’t stress enough that beyond how skilfully gifted you are, knowing when to say no is one of the most important parts of the job. ‘You can’t just plonk somebody else’s facial features on your face and hope for the best,’ he explains frankly. ‘When we say no, there’s a very pertinent reason for it.’ Whether we admit it or not, we all want to be the best versions of ourselves, and luckily, Dr Esho is here to give those who ask for it a little push along the way.