The Dorothee Schumacher fashion label has always been about empowering women, none more so than at her flagship Notting Hill store

German designer Dorothee Schumacher studied textiles in Italy and France before she launched her own eponymous label in 1989. Today, Schumacher is one of the most successful and relevant fashion businesses to come out of Germany, presenting two pre and main collections annually, including accessories, shoes and bags. Her collection is available in flagship stores and shops at 600 retailers in over 45 countries spanning across five continents, including a flagship store on Ledbury Road.

What is your new collection about and what is your favourite part of it?
I felt very drawn to nature when I was working on the spring/summer 2016 collection, longing for authenticity and to be grounded in the here and now – perhaps an emotional response to the increasing amount of fast moving technology that surrounds us. This came together as a wild fashion garden, an exotic paradise, in which floral prints meet natural materials like raffia and linen with raw edges. The signature print – inspired by the Japanese photographer Shigeo Goto – has to be one of my favourite elements and very much the beating heart of the collection, featuring tropical flowers and abstract fantasy flower hybrids.


Where do you gather inspiration for pieces and designs?
I am inspired by women who express themselves and who experiment with fashion – I’ve always wanted to design pieces that are capable of carrying women through every situation, whether it’s a formal event or a board meeting. I believe that every item of clothing should empower a woman and I see femininity as a strength – I would want all my collections to reflect that.

Your pieces have women at heart, and are all about a feminine tailored look. What is it that you like to bring to women?
I like to encourage women to be true to themselves. I don’t think that the perfect wardrobe is about owning everything, it is more important that clothes move a woman. Head, heart and clothing must form one unit – only then can a woman feel secure and express her own personality, and it’s then that she will start to inspire others too.

What do you think of London and the fashion scene?
Women in London have the unique ability to showcase ‘groomed eccentricity’ combined with feminine, fashion-forward thinking. These are traits I certainly find inspiring and reflect, in part, my philosophy. Women in London might be a bit more adventurous, mixing different labels too – particularly given that the selection of labels present is larger than in Germany, where we do not have the same high street shopping culture. Given this fierce and talented competition I am very happy that my London store is the most successful of all our international stores!

66-68 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill W11 2AJ; 020 7229 0911;

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