Discover the Wellbeing Benefits of Floatation in Wandsworth

Take a load off and experience floating at Yue Float wellness clinic in Wandsworth

Lead image: GettyImages / kzenon

The treatment – where you climb into the quiet sanctuary of a pod of water rich in Epsom salts and simply, well, float – mimics the experience you might have in the Dead Sea.

The unique experience can reduce pain and stress, improve blood flow and help you to indulge in an hour of serious relaxation time.

While floatation tanks are a relatively new phenomenon, the concept was actually developed in the 50s by a neuroscientist exploring the idea of zero sensory input and how it can lower stress levels.

The idea is that, once your body temperature and the water temperature match, your concept of balance will evaporate and you’ll be lulled into a complete sensory blackout, which is just what overstimulated stressed-out Londoners need.

It’s all about pushing yourself into a state of calm by literally unplugging your senses.

If that’s not enough, the clinic also offers an infrared sauna, zero gravity massage chairs and Ajna Light to help with mindfulness and meditation practices.

Unit A, Trafalgar House, Juniper Drive, Wandsworth SW18 1GY; yuefloat.com


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