Discover Surrey Quays’ New Holistic Wellbeing Destination

The, Surrey Quays’ new yoga and wellbeing studio, is a must-visit for residents seeking a holistic approach to health and relaxation

Words: Trinity King

As Londoners, we all lead busy lives and the one thing we desire most is convenience. Imagine if your favourite coffee spot was also the place you worked off your weekend brunch, found some head space and also met friends after work for a quick bite. Luckily for those living in the Surrey Quays area, there is now such a place.

The, a health and wellbeing destination in SE16, officially opened its doors in the summer and within a week had already built a cult following. Jane Wells, the genius behind the, lives in nearby Blackheath, and after noticing the lack of such a space in the general area, set out to change it.

‘I had this dream of incorporating the more relaxing practices like Thai chi yoga and meditation with the more high-intense practices into an organic and welcoming space,’ says Wells. So she and her husband Chris Hawkins (who is behind the warm and inviting architecture), set out to do just that.

With two gyms (one with ballet bars for their popular ballet fitness classes), two treatment rooms, a future spin room, an outdoor garden and a little café (offering great coffee), the has a little bit of everything.

‘We’re going for very different types of workout classes, as well as the norm,’ says Wells. ‘We have a more active gym where our weights and kettlebells reside and we’re going to offer aerial yoga, TRX, and bungee yoga as well as boxing, HIIT classes and body compact.’

I want the Lodge to be an inclusive environment for the entire community, where people can sit and relax with friends after an intense ballet class

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the is the Gong Therapy class, a relatively new practice in London, where you are essentially bathed in the sound waves made from the instructor striking the gong.

‘It’s truly a beautiful and powerful session,’ Wells states. ‘The vibrations from the gong and Tibetan bowls just completely relax you, so much so that I’ve caught myself completely zoning out after a session.

‘I want the Lodge to be an inclusive environment for the entire community,’ Wells adds. ‘I never want someone to feel ostracised, instead I want this to be a place where they can sit and relax with friends after an intense ballet class.

‘I hope one day, while I’m out, I’ll hear people say “I’ll meet you at the Lodge.”’

120a Lower Road, Canada Water SE16 2UB; 020 7231 1088; 


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