7 Healthy Meal Delivery Companies that Make Dieting Easy

Dieting can be tough, with seemingly endless calorie counting, tiny portions and Sundays spent batch-making soup… But there is another way, with an increasing number of meal delivery companies offering fresh, delicious, nutritionally led meals direct to your door daily. So, for three square meals a day, plus snacks, while effortlessly watching your weight, take a look at these brilliant options

Lead image: The Pure Package

1 Detox Kitchen
London-based company the Detox Kitchen creates healthy meal packages and delivers them fresh to your door daily. Detox Kitchen believes that by removing highly processed foods that can negatively impact your energy levels and mood – not to mention cause digestive problems – and replacing them with a healthy, balanced diet rich in plant-based foods and lean protein, you will feel more energised and less stressed. And everything’s naturally wheat, dairy and refined sugar-free. A day’s worth fresh food – three square meals plus snacks – is delivered to your door every weekday morning, and the meals are super tasty. Think hazelnut muesli with yoghurt and berry compote for breakfast, snacks like beetroot hummus with radish crudités, lunch like papaya and pineapple salad, squash and chicken tikka masala for dinner, plus a cacao slice for dinner. From £31.45 a day. Veg boxes and fridge fills are also available. Delivery to all central London postcodes and most of those within the M25 too

2 The Pure Package
Also London-based is The Pure Package, a gourmet meal delivery service created by award-winning chefs and nutritionists with the aim of maintain a healthy digestive tract, and therefore a healthy mind and body. Depression and neurological disorders are often accompanied by digestive issues (around 80% of the body’s immune cells sit within the gut, and it is estimated that 90% of the body’s serotonin, or ‘happy hormone’, is made within the digestive tract). The service delivers a personalised and daily changing menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks, focussing on food that is rich in pre and probiotics and fibre, with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats. Dishes include scrambled egg, roasted tomato and chives with organic rye bread, miso cod with sesame wild rice, kale and carrot, and chocolate, beetroot and hazelnut brownie. Choose from a 10, 30, and 90-day meal programme starting from £39.95 per day, with daily deliveries to all postcodes within the M25.

3 Mindful Chef
Mindful Chef, launched in 2015 by Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries, is a healthy recipe box delivery service designed to make eating well easier for time-poor Londoners. Ideal for those looking for a cleaner, leaner diet, the kits include no refined carbs – high-carb fillers such as pasta or bread make way for gluten-free, dairy-free, fresh produce. Each recipe and ingredient used is scrutinised by Mindful Chef co-founder, personal trainer and nutritional coach Myles Hopper, who works closely with reputable nutritionists and chefs to create varied, balanced recipes with simple-to-follow instructions. You’ll get a weekly box containing 2-5 healthy recipes, the meat is 100% grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and UK-landed fresh fish, and for every meal you buy, they donate a school meal to a child in poverty. Starting from two recipes for £24.50. Delivery nationwide.

4 Kurami
Kurami offers nutritionist-approved, chef-crafted dishes and inventive, personally tailored meal programmes that fuse ancient ingredients with ground-breaking superfoods. The London-based boutique company has also curated a lifestyle programme of online tutorials and workshops dealing with everything from nutrition to workouts. Hosted on the Kurami Instagram page, events include meditation, yoga classes, talks and tutorials on nutrition and dermatology from Dr Alia specialising, as well as hair care with specialist Tatiana Karelina. Kurami is a savvy solution for busy individuals facing the challenges of city life, or for anyone kick-starting a lifestyle change. From £31.50 for three meals a day. Meal boxes are sustainably packaged and available throughout London.

5 Fresh Fitness Food
Fresh Fitness Food focusses on the individual, since the way we all expend energy is different, so the way that we eat should be different, too. Personalised nutrition is the best way to help you achieve your goals and lead a healthy life, so fresh Fitness Food offers tailored meal plans – whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, make lean gains or general health – combined with a new real-time tracking app to log your nutrition, sync your health data and monitor your progress. All meals are designed by a Michelin-star trained menu consultant, and don’t require any cooking. From £15 per day for two meals (prices vary according to the length of your programme). Meal boxes are delivered daily everywhere within the M25, plus select postcodes in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Telford and Warwick for a £5 delivery charge.

6 Balance Box
London-based Balance Box is all about, well, balance. The nutritionally led meal boxes are designed by a team of expert chefs and nutritionists to help you lose or maintain weight the easy way, with a choice of portion sizes to help you achieve your goals. There’s no need to plan, shop, chop or cook, as all your daily food requirements are delivered direct to your door. Boxes include breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day, allowing you to eat healthier without counting calories or stressing over your dinner options. Choose from four different menu plans: Classic, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and Free-From. Prices start from £22.99 per day and delivery is available nationwide. All our boxes, pots, insulation and menus are recyclable, and if you live in London (or within the M25), they will pick up your boxes, insulation, icepacks, etc when they deliver your next box.

7 Love Yourself
Love Yourself, also based in London, delivers nutritious and balanced food straight to your door. Choose from a range of menus including gluten free, dairy free, halal, balanced, performance, keto and more. Meals are cooked fresh and delivered daily, so you just need to reheat them in the oven or microwave. The menus change constantly to help keep your health targets on track with exciting new meal options, and the fresh, seasonal ingredients are sourced locally where possible. Plus, everything’s synced with the MyFitness App, so you can keep track of all the calories and maintain your goals. Love Yourself also has its own app for IOS and Android, full of health tips and advice. Menus start from £15 a day and can be ordered for various durations from one day to eight weeks. Delivery throughout Greater London and beyond.




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