4 Misconceptions About Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants are growing in popularity as an alternative for tooth replacement. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding them, so The Resident asked the experts at London’s Dental Art Implant Clinic for the truth behind the misconceptions…

Misconception 1: Dental implants look and feel fake
Each tooth is custom made to fit with the remainder of a patient’s teeth – both in terms of how they look and how they help your bite and jawbone function, so, no, dental implants do not feel or look fake, but the exact opposite in fact! Take a look at before and after dental implant treatment photos of real patients and you’ll see that they look as if they have gotten their natural teeth back, which is one of the main benefits of the treatment.

Misconception 2: Dental implants are not worth the price
Dental implants may seem expensive at first, but the key factor is longevity, which means they are actually more financially reasonable over time. Alternatives such as dentures will give you around five good years before you need to change them, meaning you will end up spending more money on dentures than on dental implants, which can last you a lifetime.

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Misconception 3: Only the elderly get dental implants
This is a very popular misconception, but issues with dental health can come at any age. Dental implant treatments are generally undertaken by those over 40, however, crooked teeth, gum disease or injury can happen to anyone at any age, so even young people can require tooth restoration treatment. In addition, leaving damaged or missing teeth untreated for an extensive period can deform the jawbone, which can make you look older. Dentures might seem like the go-to option, but they only restore the top part of the tooth, not the crucial root that helps the jawbone stay strong, healthy and defined.

Misconception 4: Dental implants are risky
Dental implant treatment has a near perfect success rate and if you closely follow the guidelines provided by your dental implant surgeon, there should not be any issues post-treatment other than soreness around the treated area for a couple of days.

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