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Loveday & Co: How specialised care improves the lives of your older loved ones

Getting older and developing conditions such as dementia can be difficult for individuals and families.  

Living in a beautiful residential home while receiving exceptional round-the-clock care, or attentive care in the comfort of your own home, can make the ageing journey much easier. “At Loveday & Co, we tailor our approach to suit the needs of all of our members,” says James Cook, managing director of Loveday & Co, a residential care company based in London. "No matter whether they live with us full-time or visit our day club, which is open every day from 9am to 5pm."

Below, James talks us through their unique services and how they enrich the daily lives of their members. 

Q: Do you specialise in a range of age-related conditions? 

A: Absolutely, it’s essential to recognise that conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and other causes of dementia will affect people in different ways. Every person’s physical and emotional needs will be unique, and a meticulously crafted, individual care plan is essential to ensure that each person feels as content as possible. 

Before any of our members join us or move into one of our residential homes, we carry out a care and lifestyle assessment. This evaluation is not an intensive test for our members, it seeks to delve deep into their lives and understand what is best for them.  

Whilst we take medical history into account, preferences also play a significant role – where they grew up, their favourite foods, the names of children and grandchildren for example. This helps to determine what treatments may be required, stimulates recognition after memory loss and encourages them to pursue their interests. 

Woman painting on canvas with paints and paintbrushes on table at Loveday & Co, London

Members at Loveday & Co can pursue existing interests and discover new passions such as art, music or theatre. - Loveday & Co

Q: What are the major benefits of specialised care? 

A: Having a single provider of care throughout the ageing journey provides people with invaluable peace of mind. Transitioning to a care home, then to the hospital and perhaps eventually a hospice, can be a very distressing time for family members and their loved ones. 

Specialising in a bespoke plan that incorporates home, residential, respite, post-surgery and end-of-life care ensures a continuity that can make all the difference. Flexibility is another key advantage - we can offer a high standard of care for a few hours a day in the familiarity of your own home, or aid the rehabilitation and recovery after hip surgery.  

Q: How do you encourage your members to stay physically and mentally active? 

A: Activities are at the very heart of improving the wellbeing of our members, and they are curated around each person’s preferences. Our Extraordinary Days programme incorporates the interests and hobbies of each member, which were discovered during their initial assessment.  

Our Arts and Culture curriculum includes music therapy, theatre performances and creative arts which enhance the mood and improve confidence levels for those with dementia. The Eldergym exercises, tai chi and Zumba classes help to keep the body active and remain moving independently for as long as possible. 

Excursions to theatres, museums, art galleries and sports are integral to keeping our members engaged. We’ve organised trips to the Royal Opera House, the Imperial War Museum and Saatchi Gallery. Plenty of cognitive stimulation is the key to living a longer, healthier and happier life. 

Two blue armchairs facing coffee tabel with teapot and green bookshelves and tv screen at Loveday & Co, London

Loveday residences incorporate a number of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that members are as safe and secure as possible. - Loveday & Co

Q: How do new technologies improve your resident's quality of life? 

A: Our primary aim is to make sure that our residential members feel as safe and secure as they would in their own homes. When someone has a condition like dementia or Alzheimer’s, articulating distress and mobility can often be quite challenging. We’ve developed a number of technologies to help our staff recognise when someone needs assistance. 

The Paincheck app is an amazing technology which uses facial analysis and AI to accurately assess and score levels of pain. We also utilise acoustic monitoring throughout our residences - a sound detection device that non-obtrusively listens to sleeping residents and discreetly alerts the carers if required.  

Two armchairs with croissants, cups of tea and orange juice on a table at Loveday & Co, London

Mealtimes at Loveday are always a highly social time for members who are often joined by family, friends and staff. - Loveday & Co

Q: What makes a community atmosphere beneficial for older people? 

A: Facing the challenges of growing older without specialist support can be extremely difficult for individuals and their families. Combined with a welcoming group of their peers, the ageing journey can be as enjoyable as any other stage of life. 

Loveday offers unmatched concierge services which reflects a five-star luxury hotel. Loveday's exceptional fine dining celebrates the enjoyment of life - mealtimes are highly social and enjoyed by all. By inviting all members, staff and family members to enjoy a sit-down lunch every day, cooking someone’s favourite meal for their birthday and helping them discover new passions, we aim to give our members a new lease on life. 

The Loveday Club is a private members club for seniors, providing exceptional activities, care, hospitality and experiences on a daily basis in Loveday residences. 

To learn more about Loveday & Co, their services or to apply to be a member, visit or call 03330 601957.

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