1 Environ

Developed in Cape Town, Environ is a serious investment in your skin – starting with an analysis at Harvey Nichols to show any blemishes, sun spots and red marks. You’ll then receive a prescribed programme that will feed and fortify your skin with an innovative approach that works from both inside and out. The cornerstone of which is Vitamin A, which promotes healthy collagen and elastin to make your skin look younger. After two weeks of using my prescribed products friends were commenting on my glowing skin. I had less spots and a more even skin tone.  Environ’s  collection includes its AVST range, five moisturising creams produced in varying strengths of Vitamin A and C. It’s so powerful that you have to start on level 1 and work your way up according to needs. There’s the B-active range, which is especially for problem skin and has a lovely tea tree smell, while its Ionzyme is used to even out skin tone and combat dehydration. Although the programme requires a regimented morning and evening regime, including swallowing eight vitamins in the morning, it is time well spent. Environ can not be bought online, visit Harvey Nichols for your analysis to get started. harveynichols.com

2 Raccine

Harnessing the latest Korean science with the power of nature, Racinne uses Grape, Snow Lotus and Ginseng plant stem cell extracts in three skincare lines that hydrate, brighten and prevent aging.  The natural antioxidants in the stem cells repair environmental damage and boost hydration. My favourite line is the Ultimate Youth Power collection, specifically the serum, which along with the Ginseng stem cells, has neoendorphin,  sh-dcpt-9,  a  neuropeptide  that teaches skin cells to repair themselves and as a result has anti-aging benefits. The serum smells delicious and isn’t too greasy, it glides on smoothly and leaves your skin feeling soft and looking fresh for hours. Racinne’s Ultimate Aqua Blanc line uses Snow Lotus stem cell extracts, which make your skin brighter and reduces dark spots, while the Ultimate Hydra Protection is all about moisturising. Racinne is available to buy online at racinne.co.uk Prices are from £19 to £54.

3 Embroylisse 


Embroylisse is a cult favourite from Paris

The French pharmacy has always been a highlight of any trip to France for me. All the lotions and potions so elegantly displayed put Superdrug and Boots to shame. Perhaps this is the secret to French women’s eternal chic-ness. Embroylisse BB Cream is just one of the beauty products on the French pharmacy’s shelves, the products has a cult beauty and backstage following, loved by models and make-up artists the world over. It combines all of nature’s mega-moisturisers – shea butter, aloe vera, beeswax and soy proteins. Make-up artists use it to smooth out dry patches and as a base before applying foundation. It even has New York Magazine’s seal of approval, which wrote: “Almost every woman I know swears by this moisturizer. It’s packed with shea butter and aloe vera, so it promises to deliver the plumpest of skin. I like using this at night before bed, when my skin drinks it up like a sponge.” Buy it at thisisbeautymart.com

4 Hairy Jayne

We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover and if you can get past the not-so-glamorous image that the name evokes, Hairy Jayne’s pre-shampoo treatment oil is something you need in your life. It’s made purely of natural ingredients, including argan oil, olive oil, pomegranate seed oil and lavender oil – which smells divine and it left my dry, coloured hair super soft and shiny. Colleagues even asked had highlights, my tresses were so glossy. Plus i only costs £6.00 for a 30ml bottle. hairyjayne.co.uk

5 Willow Organic 


Bathroom essentials, Leonor Greyl and Willow Organic Beauty

The new Barbary  Fig collection from Willow Organic Beauty smells good enough to eat. Made from one of the  worlds  most  precious  and potent,  organic anti-ageing  oils, the collection has a high concentration of Vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants, which all help protect the skin and encourage  cell renewal. The exfoliator is very gentle, so rather than feel like you’ve just scrubbed any life out of your cheeks, it leaves you with a soft and plump glow. willowbeautyproducts.co.uk

6 Richard Ward 

We’re not doubting that you’ve heard of Chelsea hairdresser Richard Ward but what you may not know, is that the man responsible for the Duchess of Cambridge’s impeccable blow-dry has just released a Seasons Spring Detox Programme for hair. Priced at £24, the travel friendly-kit consists of three products, developed to deep cleanse tresses and leave them with a high shine finish. The programme features a Foaming Clarity Pre-Cleanse Masque, a Pure Clean Shampoo and a Vitamin Rush Shine Spray. Much the most glamorous travel pack we’ve seen. Buy in-store at one of Richard Ward’s salons. richardward.com

7 Leonor Grey

Back to our enviably chic French friends with the Parisian hair care brand Leonor Grey. Although it’s been around for 45 years, we’ve only just discovered it. As with many of these fantastic beauty products, Leonor Grey uses natural ingredients which have scientific results. Huile de Leonor Grey is used before shampooing or when you’re in the sun, to protect it from the rays. Then collection runs right through from pre-shampooing oils, to shampoos, conditioning masks – sorry masques – and scalp treatments. Leonor Grey is popular with the French elite and has been styling the stars of Cannes Film Festival for years. This year, it produced this three part video ‘A Room in Cannes’, featuring Charlotte Pourtrel the star of renowned French film ‘Sarah’s Key’ and actor Raphale Kahn who’s appeared in French films like J’en Reve Encore, Une Histore, Noir Standard as well as on TV in France Kbek. Leonor Greyl products are available from: Urban Retreat at Harrods, Selfridges and on line from: UrbanRetreat.co.uk, FeelUnique.com and Net-a-Porter.com