3 of the Best Water-Based Workouts in London

Water workouts are where it’s at! Water is 800 times denser than air, which means your body has to work much harder to overcome the resistance. Water-based workouts are also gentle on the joints, making them ideal for those recovering from injury. But most importantly, they’re fun and effective. The Resident picks out three of the best in London…

1 Cycl’H2O Class at Chelsea Health Club & Spa
Up your workouts with a Cycl’H2O class in the Chelsea Health Club & Spa’s 25 meter o-zone treated pool. Water resistance aqua classes offer a low-impact and endurance-building workout, specially designed to improve not only your aerobic fitness, but also your muscular endurance. Enjoy the cardio burn from the high-intensity aqua cycling element of the class, which focuses mainly on your legs, plus a good core and upper body workout with the water aerobics element, which consists of press-ups, dips, sit-ups and more. Each class can burn up to 800 calories per hour. Chelsea Health Club also runs Power Aqua like Aqua Inferno, Aqua Blast, Aqua Bootcamp and Swimsanity. Club memberships start at just £95 per month.
Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road SW6 1HS;

2 FloatFit HIIT by Aquaphysical at London Aquatics Centre
FloatFit is an innovative 30-minute workout on a floating yoga mat in a pool. This is no aqua-aerobics. Working to keep your balance on the mat ramps up the effectiveness of each move, and it’s a full-on mix of high intensity and yoga-inspired moves (think burpees, lunges, squats, mountain climbers, planks) that give a fun, low-impact, full-body workout. The London Aquatics Centre in Stratford runs both Floatfit Extreme Interval Fitness classes and FloatFit Yoga, with sequences connecting the mind and body using the movement of water on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford E20 2AQ;

3 SwimSanity at The Circle Gym & Spa, Tower Bridge
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is booming, thanks to its proven success in helping people make fitness gains over short periods of time. And now you can try SwimSanity, a water-based HIIT class based on US fitness expert Shaun T’s hugely Insanity DVD collection. Nothing like standard aqua aerobics, SwimSanity, developed in London, delivers a high-intensity aerobic and conditioning workout class that features interchangable drills and swimming stroke techniques, all set to high-energy music. The class is suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers alike, and even can help you learn to swim as you learn the movements required for swim strokes. Classes run at The Circle Gym & Spa in Southwark on Saturdays at 1.30pm, as well as at some Bannaytnes Gyms and Chelsea Health Club & Spa.
Queen Elizabeth Street, Southwark SE1 2JE;


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