With more people seeking dental treatment overseas, The Resident sits down with Mehmet Uyar, director of Smile Dental in Turkey, to discuss the benefits of seeking dental treatment abroad and what questions you should ask before booking an appointment…

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Q: What are the benefits of getting dental treatment in Turkey?

A: It allows you to access the treatment you need quickly. Waiting times for dentists in the UK are lengthy, meaning those living with the discomfort of oral pain need to wait longer for the surgery they need. Issues with your teeth may affect your confidence and ability to smile, but receiving prompt cosmetic dental treatment can help you feel more self-assured and share your smile with everyone.

You can also receive your dental treatment while enjoying a beautiful holiday in Antalya, sampling the glorious sun, fabulous beaches and many enchanting sights.

Seeking dental treatment in Turkey can help you save money and access the treatment you need sooner. Photo: Smile Dental

Q: Is dental treatment cheaper in Turkey than in the UK?

A: Absolutely. Many people don’t know that dental clinics in Turkey offer some of the most affordable prices, enabling patients to save up to 80 percent on treatment – this includes travel costs. We will provide you with free accommodation during your stay, helping you keep prices low.

Q: Who should have dental treatment abroad, and what services do you provide?

A: Overseas dental treatment is available to people of all ages suffering from any manner of dental issues. Medical tourism is an increasing part of our lives. The number of people going abroad for dental treatments is expected to increase over the next few years.

Smile Dental Clinic in Turkey offers a full range of dental treatments from routine check-ups to fitting veneers and implants. Photo: Smile Dental

We offer a complete range of services, from regular check-ups to bespoke orthodontic treatments, smile makeovers, and fitting dental implants or veneers. Using the highest quality materials and latest technologies, such as panoramic x-rays and 3D tomography, we can tailor your dental treatment to suit your needs, providing long-lasting, optimal results.

Q: How can you access dental treatment in Turkey and what aftercare will be available?

A: Before visiting the clinic, we’ll recommend the best course of treatment and provide estimated costs through online consultations. You can then decide if you wish to proceed.

We’ll inform you of appointment dates so you can book your flights. You can leave us to handle the rest of your travel arrangements, including your accommodation and airport transfers.

After arriving in Antalya, we’ll meet to discuss your treatment plan and explain each of the procedures so you know what to expect. We offer a no-worries warranty for the first year following treatment and a four-year warranty for dental crowns and veneers. Our dental implants are lifetime guaranteed.

Enjoy Smile Dental’s luxurious clinic facilities and soak up the sun and sights of Antalya, while receiving high-quality dental care. Photo: Smile Dental

Patients can access aftercare services at our clinic in Antalya. Following your treatment, we’ll advise how best to care for your teeth and arrange any necessary follow-up consultations.

Q: Is it safe to get dental treatment in Turkey?

A: Naturally, it can be a little nerve-wracking to seek treatment abroad, which is why spending some time researching clinics and asking questions before booking a consultation can put your mind at ease.

I recommend researching a clinic’s certifications, their dentist’s experience and previous patient testimonials. This will help ensure you receive only the best quality care.

Our dentists are experts in their chosen fields and specialise in many areas of dentistry. You can view their resumes on our website. We aim to provide as much detail as possible about the treatment online, so it’s simple for you to find the information you need and make an informed decision.

The right dental treatment can ease oral discomfort, help you regain confidence and enable you to share your smile with everyone. Photo: Smile Dental

Our clinic is a member of the Turkish Dental Association and has a medical tourism certificate and ISO9001, guaranteeing we meet high-customer standards and regulatory requirements. You can also explore previous patients’ reviews on Trustpilot for a first-hand account of their experience with us.

We go the extra mile to ensure every patient has the best dental experience and receives top-quality treatment that will keep your mouth pain-free, your teeth healthy and your smile radiant.

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