If you’re giving your wardrobe a bit of a spring clean and thinking about updating your look, premium online fashion retailer 24s.com offers these following tips on this year’s wardrobe essentials…

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If you love dressing up, then you know just how important it is to have clothes that look amazing in your closet.

While you might have a couple of everyday wear, there comes a time when you need to wear something that stands out.

The trick here is not to spend too much on the clothes but still have some items that stand out.

Here are a few things you need to ensure you have in your wardrobe in 2022.

1 A white tee

A white tee is one of the most underrated yet vital things you need in your closet.

It can be paired up with almost anything and comes in handy when you are out of styling options.

You can choose to get it at the local store or get it from a designer store like Balmain.

Whatever you choose, a white tee is a lifesaver and a must-have for any woman’s closet.

2 Little black dress

Nothing speaks of class more than a little black dress. It is the perfect outfit for casual Fridays at the office since you can turn it into a party dress by switching up your heels.

When choosing a little black dress, remember more to it than just the length.

You need to look at a couple more details that will either make your dress look great or just be another boring black dress.

For starters, you can have the dress with a plunging neckline, or you can have it strapless.

A short dress does not have to be too short but if that is your fancy, then go for it. Your preference will determine the style and design of your dress.

3 A clutch

Your wardrobe will not be complete without a clutch. It is the perfect bag for those days when you need to go to a party and do not have much to carry.

It goes a long way to ensure that you have something classy and stylish. To ensure you get a good wallet, you can get one from Hermes or Gucci since they have pretty amazing clutches.

Ensure you choose a colour that goes with most of your dinner outfits. You do not need to switch your bag or your clothes.

4 Denim

You can never go wrong when pairing up denim. Whether you choose to get a jacket or pants will be entirely up to you.

All you need to ensure you do is get yourself denim. There are so many denim options, and all you need to do is figure out which kind of denim suits your needs the most.

Look at the different styling options for the kind of denim you choose as well as that will give you a better idea of what you should be looking out for when it comes to denim.

You do not get stuck wearing your denim the same way every day. A little variety with denim can make the entire look feel and look playful.

5 Leggings

Nothing speaks of comfort and style better than a good pair of leggings.

When paired up the right way, they can make a statement. The only thing you need to remember when getting leggings is to not confuse them with tights.

Leggings are slightly heavier and can be worn on their own, but tights need to be under a long top or a sheer dress.

Play around with the legging length, or get one that has patterns on it. They all look amazing at the end of the day.

6 Sneakers

There is nothing more comfortable and fun than chic sneakers. You can wear them on that Friday night out with a dress or to the family cookout on Saturday. They are comfortable and with almost everything, you pair them up with.

If you love our comfort and still want to make a statement, sneakers are the way to go.

To add to the comfort, you can always opt for sneakers with memory foam soles. Not only are they comfortable they can also help correct any issues you might have with your posture.

7 Wrap dress

If you love dressing up and feeling girly, then a wrap dress is the perfect go-to.

It can be worn in all weather, and you can play around with the length of the dress.

It comes in different prints, and no matter what pattern you choose, you are bound to always stand out.

If you have never worn a wrap dress before, now is a good time to try one. They all look great, and you will turn a few heads.

Wear it with heels, and you look classy or switch the heels for flats to give a subtle look. Either way is a win-win.