Tyre Safety: 6 Expert Tips for Idle Cars in Lockdown

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Before we entered lockdown, our car tyres had done a commendable job of looking after us while on the roads, translating every throttle input and braking force into the right type of motion.

The current state of affairs means that many cars are idling in the garage, but rather than forgetting all about your beloved motor, this is the perfect time to show your tyres a little love.

Sadly, most garages in London are not currently operational, and with restricted help available, you need to form a stay-at-home car care regime so that your car is safe to drive after lockdown.

Here, we share tips from a local tyre expert on how to keep car troubles at bay when you get back behind the wheel…

1 Park your car in the shade
Your car tyres don’t like UV rays because they put a toll on your overall tyre health. If you can, park your car in a garage or under a shade to keep the UV rays off your tyres.

2 Do not ignore signs of wear on your tyres
You can tell a lot about your tyres just by looking at them. Spotting early signs of wear and tear, like cuts, bulges and uneven surfaces, means you can take action to stop them getting worse. If you live in London and need to order new car tyres, try Iverson Tyres‘ easy-to-use online tool to choose the right tyres for your car, or call 020 8566 4666. Iverson Tyres offers home delivery or click and collect, and also has a Professional Branch Fitting service with high standards of hygiene.

3 Take your car out for a drive
When your car is stuck on the driveway for prolonged periods without being driven, it can cause flat spots in tyres, which is bad for your tyre health. Taking your car out at least once a week will make sure that your tyres don’t get flattened from being idle at one spot.

Tyre safety: How to check your car tyres are safe and what to do if not

Taking your car out for a drive, even if it’s short, helps to keep everything running smoothly

4 Clean your tyres properly
It’s important to clean your car tyres, and even use a tyre dressing, to extend the life of your tyres and help keep your car running smoothly. Use a degreasing tyre cleaning solution and soft-bristled brush for the wheels and a contoured tyre brush to get into the treads. You can also get a wheel protectant wax and tyre dressing to protect the tyre rubber.

5 Use valve caps
Get a valve cap for your tyres – this will protect the dirt and moisture from getting in, which will help keep tyres from quick depreciation.

6 Start your car
Even if you are taking your car out for a short drive, it will do the trick and help your car avoid seizing up and aid in keeping the battery stay alive.