Beauty Blogger FreshBeautyFix’s Top 5 Vegan Beauty Products

From food to fashion and beauty, veganism is set to continue its impressive growth. Fancy giving vegan beauty a go? Julia Ferrari, author of beauty blog FreshBeautyFix, picks out her top 5 vegan beauty products…

As veganism grows its ranks year by year, rarely has a food trend driven such divisive opinions. Whichever way you sway, there is a branch of veganism that won’t affect your dietary preferences: vegan beauty. Dominika Piasecka, spokeswoman for The Vegan Society, explains that ‘a vegan beauty product is one that does not contain animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals’.

Here, beauty blogger Julia Ferrari shares her top 5 vegan beauty products…

1 Nourish Illuminating Face Shimmer
As well as being cruelty-free accredited, the entire range is certified organic by The Soil Association and holds The Vegan Society accreditation. The claims promise to ‘give skin a natural luminosity for beautiful sun-kissed radiance’, and although I’m not sure about the sun-kissed part, I can vouch for the luminosity. The gold mineral particles provide quite a potent sheen so you only need to use a small amount. I get the best results when adding a pea-sized amount to moisturiser for a fresh glow, or to foundation for a more polished finish. My skin looked hydrated throughout the day which is rarely achieved. Best of all, I was complimented by a friend for looking so rested even as I complained about another sleepless night due to my baby teething. Maybe she thought I was exaggerating my toddler’s antics? Even so she took down the name of the product.

2 Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask
This face mask is my current obsession, it makes my skin look like it’s had a mini facial. The rich texture feels cocooning against skin and leaves it super hydrated. The directions specify to remove the mask with a wet muslin cloth but I prefer to gently wipe off excess with a dry cloth for an extra moisture boost. As with Nourish, the entire range is certified organic, cruelty-free and vegan – the ultimate trio if you’re after an ethical choice. The rigorous ingredients restrictions this entails hasn’t affected the performance or sensorial feel of the product either, as the butter-like texture leaves dry skin looking and feeling intensely nourished. A favourite ingredient of facial oils, Rosehip oil contains fatty acids that assist skin’s healing process, giving you that plumper looking skin.

3 Malée Conditioning Body Scrub
I was first drawn to this body scrub not for the brand or the product’s claims but for its packaging. Some beauty brands will spend a huge amount of time and effort designing, sourcing and creating a beautiful box, tube or bottle for their product, and as a marketeer to me that makes sense – a product’s packaging plays an important role. And with the trend for keeping and reusing empties (Dyptique’s glass candles make great brush pots), this is not a wasted effort. The box’s clean design in white is decorated with subtle embossing, and once opened you are greeted with an uplifting green pattern recalling Africa’s wetlands – the inspiration for the Verdure range. Cruelty-free, vegan and enriched with oils (sunflower, avocado, grape seed, sweet almond) and butters (shea, cocoa, mango) for a nourishing treatment, I struggled to smell all the delicious ingredients in the shower as the scent was so subtle, but this conditioning scrub gets a thumbs up on texture and results, delivering lovely smooth skin.

4 Kai Deodorant
I came across this Californian brand last year and since then have been hooked on its fresh white floral scent. The majority of kai products carry the same scent which allows you to layer to your heart’s content, from the body wash and body lotion to the perfume and this nourishing deodorant. It is free from aluminium, a compound which has been associated with health issues including breast cancer, and as with all Kai products, it’s also free from parabens and sulphates, and is vegan friendly.

5 The Konjac Premium Facial Puff Sponge
A K-beauty import, this facial puff is completely re-usable and natural, and certified cruelty-free and vegan. Made from plant fibre, you just need to wet the pad to see it expand and become soft and squishy, then add a squirt of cleanser. It’s safe to use on the eye area and works equally well on the whole face, using circular motions to remove all trace of make up. Once you’re done, simply rinse the pad, pop it in the mesh bag provided et voilà, it’s ready to use the next day. The sponges are free from chemicals, colouring and additives, and my favourite part: they’re re-usable so more environmentally friendly than cotton wool.

With over 10 years’ experience in the beauty industry, French bilingual Londoner Julia Ferrari shares her insider knowledge on her beauty blog FreshBeautyFix. Find out about the latest beauty trends and discover who is behind some of your favourite brands with her #beautyinsider Q&As. Follow @freshbeautyfix on Instagram and Twitter