Are your travels on trend? A recent survey of Virtuoso’s UK travel agency members revealed the top emerging destinations for spring 2017, as well as the international destinations for autumn 2016

Virtuoso is the world’s leading travel agents site which introduces its members to highly experienced travel agents and agencies, who can plan bespoke trips both here in the UK and all around the world. The company recently surveyed its UK travel agency members to reveal the top five destinations and trends for autumn 2016 and spring 2017.

Top of the international list was Italy, followed closely by the USA, Dubai, South Africa and the Maldives. Moving into 2017, UK visitors are seeking out more intrepid destinations with Montenegro being the number one choice. Following this were Colombia, Peru, Sri Lanka and Oman.

The survey has also noted that the top five travel trends include an increased number of short trips, and a greater number of bookings for private residences and villas, with travellers seeking the advantages of a private dwelling with all the services of a luxury hotel. UK travellers are also looking to venture further afield to experience something new.

Top 5 International Destinations:

  1. Italy
  2. USA
  3. Dubai
  4. South Africa
  5. Maldives


Top 5 Emerging Destinations:

  1. Montenegro
  2. Colombia
  3. Peru
  4. Oman
  5. Sri Lanka


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