Third Space Launches The Yard – and the Workouts are Killer

New Year, New Me resolutions faltering? Step up your fitness regime at The Yard, Third Space Canary Wharf’s huge new training space designed for cross-training, athletics, combat and personal training

Third Space is the gym to belong to, right? It’s cool, it’s slick, and its locations – Tower Bridge, Soho, the City, Marylebone and Canary Wharf – are super handy for London’s high fliers. I’m not a member, but my city slicker friends are, and I’m envious.

The luxury health club isn’t just a pretty background to boost your Insta-game (although it does the job nicely), Third Space takes fitness seriously.

As well as brilliant instructors, it offers inspiring classes, a cafe serving nutritious post-workout food (cooked up in collaboration with a sports nutritionist), a spa and a medical offering (depending on the branch). It’s got the holistic wellness thing nailed.

Many of it’s classes are even, dare I say it, fun. Although I’d stop short of calling it’s latest offering – the Yard WOD – fun. Effective, sure, but at one point during the intense AMRAP workout (that’s ‘as many reps as possible’, but I know you know that), I did see spots.

The Yard, the latest innovation from Third Space, has converted the full size basketball court at Canary Wharf into a 7,250 sq ft open-plan training playground with dedicated workout areas for cross-training, athletics, combat and personal training.

Designed to cater for members of all abilities – from elite-level athletes through to beginners – The Yard was launched in response to the growing trend for more flexible training space, rather than fixed areas.

‘The popularity of our Rig and Athletic class programmes has risen over 30% in the last two years,’ said Lauren Wilson, Marketing Director at Third Space, ‘along with a demand from members for more open spaces for functional training.

‘The popularity of our Rig and Athletic class programmes has risen over 30% in the last two years. The Yard give us the scope to create a raft of new classes to satisfy these needs’

‘This trend led us to re-design the basketball hall and create this incredible space. Combined with a new range of equipment, The Yard give us the scope to create a raft of new classes to satisfy these needs.’

The Yard WOD is a killer AMRAP and Max Calorie workout where five teams work across five zones, completing as many reps as they can using AirBikes, Rowers and Plyo Boxes alongside the likes of pull ups, weighted squats and lunges, planks and kettlebell swings.

The works, essentially. And when you’ve settled into a nice routine of yoga and pump classes as I have, swerving anything circuits or HIIT based like your life depends on it, the class really is brutal.

I went along to a press preview version of the class, alongside a bunch of fellow journos. You’re usually in safe company among journalists, who have often been thrown in at the deep end by their editor and would rather be at the pub, but things have changed.

As wellness slowly became the new hedonism, the pub has been swapped for the gym – the new ‘third space’ – fitness bloggers and ripped influencers kicked Fleet Street’s liquid lunchers into touch, and this lot seriously kicked my ass. But I digress.

Back at The Yard, other classes include Yard Strong – a strength class with log bars, farmer carries and more across 10 stations – Yard Circuits – Third Space’s signature conditioning circuit with 50 people working across 18 stations to a specially curated soundtrack – and a full-body kettlebell class.

‘This lot seriously kicked my ass’

To keep things fresh, there will also be one-of-a-kind masterclasses and team workouts to challenge its members, featuring live DJs and prizes.

Members can also hook themselves up to the MyZone heart rate and performance monitor, which displays your efforts on a 4.5 metre screen so you can compete with your comrades.

The cross-training area caters for cardio, gymnastics and weight-lifting, with everything from treadmills, rowing machines and Airdyne bikes to free weights, sleds and wall balls, plus a fully-equipped central rig with multi-functional bars, ropes, rings and a climbing pegboard.

There’s even a handstand wall for advanced gymnastics, and an athletics area with three 15 metre sled tracks, and a separate area for small group and personal training, with its own set of equipment, skill mill and My Zone screen.

‘It’s a game-changing moment for the London fitness industry,’ said Luke Baden, the Master Trainer at Third Space who led us through the gruelling Yard WOD workout.

‘The Yard truly allows us to provide our members with a training experience combining world class facilities with a stadium-like atmosphere. I’m looking forward to leading our team of expert trainers to help our members reach new levels of fitness in 2019.’

16-19 Canada Square, Canary Wharf E14 5ER;