Taylor Taylor London is ranked alongside the best hair salons in the world and the Notting Hill salon on Portobello Road is their newest award-winning hairdresser in London. The unique décor is inspired by the Baroque extravagances of the French courts, blended with the formality of 18th century England and a hint of modern industrial chic – they even have a cocktail bar!

Good hair starts with a good blowdry and, here, Taylor Taylor’s stylists and colour technicians – recognized as some of the top creative talents in the UK – share their top tips for a great blowdry 

1. Invest in a good hairdryer. The most important tool you will need to make blowdrying your hair easier. Make sure its powerful but lightweight – tired achy arms will put you off your stride.  

2. When detangling hair, start from the bottom and work your way up. Wet hair stretches, so if you apply too much pressure you will cause breakage of the hair shaft. Try using a lightweight leave-in conditioner and heat protector like the Davines Oi Milk (Taylor Taylor’s miracle product).

3. Before applying your styling product, towel dry the hair really well. If hair is soaking wet the water will dilute the product making it less effective.

4. Rough dry your hair 80% before you begin sectioning and blowdrying into your style. If your hair tends to frizz, DO NOT tip your head upside down to rough dry as this will raise the cuticle, giving you a rough result. Instead tip your head backwards and with the dryer pointing down and lift the roots with your fingers. This will give root lift but ensure the cuticle lies flat and create a smoother result.


5. Don’t forget to use a nozzle attachment on your hairdryer to give a more concentrated airflow. This will give a smoother result and enhance the shine of your hair.

6. Select a lower temperature and slower speed on your hairdryer when drying hair to a natural look. This will give you more time to manipulate the hair into shape – high heat will dry the hair too quickly. Ask your hairstylist what kind of brush you shoud be using. 

7. Take a moment to section your hair – even if you only divide your hair into two sections (if this is the case, chose ear to ear, separating the top from the bottom). This will make your hair easier to blow-dry for a more even result and ensure the back and underneath is completely dry.

8. Over blowdrying can really dehydrate your hair, so use a nourishing hair mask at least once a week for softer, shinier hair. Taylor Taylor loves the Davines Oi Mask.

9. Keep the hairdryer moving at all times to avoid concentrating too much heat on one area.

10. Finally, cut drying time in half with the Brazilian Blowout treatment. After just 2-3 hours in the chair you can leave the salon good to go – ponytails, braids or a trip to the gym are all A-ok (no lank greasy hair for three days as you often have to endure with other Brazilian Blowdry treatments!). You can also opt to treat just the fringe of your hair for a frizz-free fringe that stays in place with no fuss. 

Taylor Taylor’s Notting Hill salon is located at 309 Portobello Road W10 5TD; 020 8960 8569;


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