Danielle Featherstone-Price, half of the sibling duo who founded the Strip Wax Bar chain, tells The Resident how they’ve maintained the city top spot for so long, with a clientele that boasts celebrities and high-profile media types alike

Launched in 2005, Strip Wax Bar was the first of its kind, a destination for those who wanted to place themselves in the hands of true experts who could provide a faultless waxing service that was almost indulgent rather than the painful, dreaded, teeth-gritting experience that’s standard protocol for far too many of us, leaving us sore and often burnt before our much anticipated beach holidays. When your waxing therapist has gone gung-ho and your left with wax burns galore, it’s safe to say you won’t be beach body ready any time soon.

That’s why Strip Wax Bar’s careful, meticulous and sensitive approach was a god-send for women all over London, and even men who are sneakily becoming accustomed to the benefits of waxing, as statistics show male hair removal is steadily on the rise. Price explains: ‘Before Strip, I was already working in the beauty industry and I realised nobody was really doing waxing very well at all. Wherever you went, you’d get a shoddy job.

Therapists also didn’t want to get up close and personal to do a good job, which made the client feel awkward. Treatments were unpleasant, downright painful and something that women just learnt to grin and bear. Our therapists aren’t offended by nudity and that is really key, because if the therapist is uncomfortable, the client then becomes uncomfortable and they won’t return.’

‘I really began researching waxing in detail and what sort of methods could reduce reactions and pain during treatment. That’s when I discovered Lycon Wax, which is a special wax that causes minimum discomfort and aggravation to the skin, it actually shrink wraps around the hair to avoid pulling the skin.’

Their first Strip Wax Bar was opened 12 years ago and plugged a gap in the market at the time. Price says: ‘There weren’t any  wax bars around back then, as in a place that only offered waxing. Everyone was so intrigued because we had a wax menu with chocolate, berry and olive wax and a trendy lingerie boutique in store also. That’s why we really took of almost instantaneously.’

Our therapists aren’t offended by nudity and that is really key, because if the therapist is uncomfortable, the client then becomes uncomfortable and they won’t return

Women began entering the bar like wide eyed, bushy tailed kids in a candy store, drawn in by the sumptuous atmosphere, sultry lingerie and glamorous feel. Today, Price and her sister are now seven stores strong and have brought their offering into the modern day with their virtually painless Candela laser for hair removal, though their wax offering is still what they are famous for.

They also have an appealing range of athleisure in store, making it a one stop shop for grooming, pampering and fitness. With technology to do with hair removal advancing at a pace that’s hard to keep up with, some of us are more traditional and still prefer a wax over scary lasers that zap and beep everywhere like a supermarket checkout. Strip Wax Bar give you the choice between the two.

Even though her clientele has boasted the likes of the Victoria Beckham and the former Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, the humble and down to earth Price says that each of their bars aim to root themselves in the local community and offer a great service to nearby residents. The glamour pack and celebrities aside, Strip Wax Bar provide a VIP service for each and every person that walks through their doors.