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Discover the Plus-Size Pop-Up Shop that Comes to You

Finding your perfect fit is difficult – dresses that pinch at the waist, jeans that gape at the back, tops that pull around your boobs… 

A lifetime of frustrating trial and error might just leads us to that one shop where the clothes just fit you better, but what if a shop with a more mindful approach to realistic figures could come to you?

Well it can, with p.s. i love you, a travelling pop-up shop specialising in plus-size clothing for women from sizes 16 to 32. Founded by Amber Hudson, p.s. i love you, originally a shop located in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, is now on the road and coming to a location near you soon.

So what makes p.s. i love you different to other plus-size clothing shops?

Here are three reasons to fall for p.s. i love you….

1 Your favourite brands come to you

‘We used to have a store in Hitchin, but we quickly realised it was too far for many of our customers to travel,’ said Amber. ‘They want to try on clothes to see if the cut and style is flattering and right for them. Now we come to them so they can.’

p.s. i love you specialises in plus-size women’s clothing from sizes 16 to 32. The pop-up shop rotates between Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire in the summer (March to July) and in the autumn (September to November).

Plus, an online shop is coming soon.

2 Sizing is tricky – they get it

Whether it’s for jeans, a t-shirt or a dress – p.s. i love you gets it, they get you!

‘We stock a steady stream of our shoppers’ favourite brands,’ said Amber. We spend a lot of time with our customers and get to know what they want.

‘Every season we fly out to Amsterdam and Berlin to hand-pick items for the shop. We spend a long time choosing the right style, shape and size because we know this is important to our customers.’

‘We explore the latest collections and select clothes from fashionable brands so our customers can create an up-to-date and on-trend wardrobe.’

Because the p.s. i love you pop-up shop travels, the team gets to meet more of their customers so they can really get to know you.

‘We spend a lot of time with our customers when they come in.

‘We chat and get to know their likes and dislikes,’ said Amber, ‘so when we fly out to pick new skirts, blouses, knitwear and other items for the season, I know what they’ll like and feel good in.’

Plus-size store near me: p.s. i love you is a pop-up shop in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire

p.s. i love you founder Amber Hudson travels Europe to find you the best new styles that fit

3 Good value for money

‘Since we decided to switch to the pop-up shop full time, we’ve saved a lot of money as we’re no longer paying for a store,’ said Amber.  ‘High business rates can make it hard for small businesses to survive, but since starting the pop-up we’ve been able to thrive.’

Plus, p.s. i love you uses local companies to help them set up their shop – which includes changing rooms for you to try everything on – so it’s not just the customers that benefit, other local independent businesses do too.

‘We’ve made sure the pop-up space has everything our customers need for a great shopping experience. They have space and privacy to try on clothes and take all the time they need to find the perfect outfit,’ adds Amber.

Hand-picked ladies clothing that’s designed to suit and shape your body – what’s not to love?

See for details of the next p.s. i love you pop-up shop