Pets around the Chelsea area are looking sharp these days, thanks in part to Mungo & Maud pet outfitters, which is celebrating 10 years of dapper dachshunds, glorious greyhounds and classy cats… 

WORDS Mark Kebble

It says something when pets are better dressed than I am: visiting Mungo & Maud’s Chelsea shop, there’s a dog wearing a Mulberry coat looking rather pleased with itself. The fine looking chap is just one of many dogs (and cats) to look and feel a whole lot better thanks to a decade of hard work by Nicola and Michael Sacher, founders of Mungo & Maud.

‘It certainly doesn’t feel like 10 years have passed,’ says Nicola. ‘We have evolved so much since we started. We are proud of what we have achieved – but not complacent, of course.’

Their flagship location is in Chelsea (‘We knew we wanted to be in the area and on a Saturday walk with our first dog George we stumbled across 79 Elizabeth Street and it was love at first sight’), but they have opened pop-ups in Paris and New York, among others, and even collaborated with that most famous of cartoon dogs, Peanuts.

‘We always try to create products that feel relevant to our identity,’ Sacher says. ‘It is a huge compliment to have had the opportunity to work with such iconic brands. There is a creative essence that runs through that is particular to Mungo & Maud, but our style is always evolving.’

Their latest collection, Medici, is a case in point: ‘We created this for whippets and greyhounds,’ Sacher explains. ‘I have always admired their elegance and composure. I wanted to capture the spirit of the Italian Renaissance, dogs that you might see in historical works of art. We used a lace pattern-work design, which we embossed into the leather collars and leads in Sable & Pewter colours. Greyhounds and whippets have very fine necks and tend to wear a specific shaped collar to protect them. Beneath the leather of the collar is a padded layer to support their refined long necks.’

The collection does indeed look very elegant and shows why Harrods joined the Mungo & Maud party when they followed up the Chelsea launch with opening on their second floor. The pets industry is, quite clearly, booming today, but back in 2005 it was a very different world.

Mungo & Maud, for prettier pooch accessories

Mungo & Maud, for prettier pooch accessories

‘When we opened the first Mungo & Maud there were only traditional pet stores,’ Sacher recalls. ‘We took a risk. Were we ambitious back then? We were certainly passionate,’ she muses, ‘and we still are. We just believed in the idea and it grew from there. I like to think Mungo & Maud’s popularity is down to being truthful and caring about each and every detail. Customers feel that.’

I am not sure if Sacher is referring to the pets or their owners when she talks about customers, but my experience of Mungo & Maud suggests everyone is happy. With a constantly evolving range of collections appearing at surprising speed, there is always something for pet lovers to get excited about, and their long-standing accessories range remains ever-popular. ‘The Classic Beds have always had a loyal following,’ Sacher says on the latter. ‘as do our leads and collars.’ And the future? ‘To create more of what we love and to continue to expand internationally.’ Let’s expect many more people like me all over the globe to be feeling a little fashion jealousy.

79 Elizabeth Street SW1W 9PJ; 020 7467 0823; mungoandmaud.com