MINDBODY Hosts London’s First Men’s Urban Day Retreat

MINDBODY, a leading wellness app, has partnered with yogi Stephen Marks to launch the first Men’s Urban Day Retreat in London this weekend

Taking place on Sunday 9 September, the retreat is specifically designed to provide men with techniques to help combat feelings of stress. Recent research reveals that more than one in 10 men in the UK are suffering from common mental health disorders like depression and anxiety – that’s 12.5%.

Data from MINDBODY shows that one in five UK males feel ‘always or regularly anxious/stressed’ in an average day, but almost two thirds of men (64%) feel that exercise relieves stress and anxiety, while two out of five (40%) consider their exercise routine to be sociable.

The Men’s Urban Day Retreat gives chaps the chance to learn and practice stress-relief techniques, while providing a space to socialise with like-minded people.

One in five UK males feel ‘always or regularly anxious/stressed’ in an average day

‘It’s so important that we keep the conversation alive when it comes to mental health and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to help those around us,’ says Charlotte Newton, Senior Manager EMEA Marketing at MINDBODY.

‘We know from our research and from speaking to our customers that 54% of men are more motivated to get to a gym or a studio if they know they have someone to attend with – be that a friend, family member or a colleague – so it’s important that we champion events and initiatives like Stephen’s that help to make this happen.’

Stephen Marks has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. He trained in Costa Rica at the Punta Mona eco-resort with the Shamanic school of yoga, and recently left his job as a partner in a city-based property law firm to focus on teaching full time.

As well as being a thought leader at the Global Wellness Institute and the founder of Mind Body Building, Stephen is trained in Yoga Nidra, a form of sleep meditation or deep relaxation.

In today’s world there is this dangerous obsession with being busy

‘In today’s world there is this dangerous obsession with being busy,’ says Stephen. ‘The result of this is we are unable to participate properly in anything we do – be it a conversation or even say a friendship.

‘My meditations help you take a step back and relax from all this overactivity and the endless spinning of thoughts.’

The retreat runs from 9am to 5pm at The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Tickets are £120, which includes lunch and a selection of take-home materials. Book via Eventbrite or email Stephen at stephen@mindbodybuilding.co.uk to reserve your space

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