Think back to a time before offices, televisions, cinemas and restaurants, when humans hunted and gathered across the plains and the forests. It was how humans were supposed to live – running, jumping, climbing trees – and somewhere along the way, says personal trainer Maya Saffron, humans have forgotten how to move properly.

Maya’s training helps people retrain their body so that they can move as effectively as they could historically. It involves a lot of high intensity, fat burning movements and includes primal animal movements.

‘It’s an easy, fun way to get fit,’ says Maya. She prides her business on the fact that her training isn’t one specific thing – it’s tailored to every single person. PT by Nature is a bespoke personal training regimen that begins with body weight and moves on from there depending on the individual’s goals. The primal nature of the regimen generally means muscles will grow and the client will become leaner and a generally better shape, but the plan can be tailored for people looking for more specific results.

For example, although everyone will start with the basics, the focus will shift depending on whether the client is looking for a flatter stomach, a bigger bum, or smaller arms. Maya is a firm believer that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to fitness. Every person is different so why should every regimen be the same?

However, it’s not a secret that exercise is not the only pillar of health. When it comes to eating, Maya is not as strict as other fitness experts.

I don’t agree with dieting. Too many fad diets involve counting every tiny calorie

‘I don’t agree with dieting,’ she says, with the tone of someone who absolutely means what they say. ‘I don’t advocate it at all. Too many fad diets involve counting every tiny calorie and cutting enormous swathes out of your foodstuffs. I am of the firm belief that being conscious of what you’re eating, and not mindlessly consuming calories, when combined with a good regular exercise plan, will work just as effectively if not more effectively than a typical weight loss diet.’

PT by nature is all about the people. Maya enjoys getting to know her clients and hand designing fitness plans around their needs, desires and abilities. Being honest with people, caring about their wellbeing is the secret to guiding them to success. She also never puts clients through anything she can’t or wouldn’t do herself.

As for the future, Maya is exploring new methods to add to her clients’ plans. Recently she has been developing her knowledge on Calisthenic training and has completed her pre and post-natal qualification. She is now qualified to train women who are pregnant and women who are returning back to exercise post child birth – just another step on her path of learning new ways to improve her life and the lives of others.

‘As a woman I know how it feels not to be happy in your own skin,’ she says. ‘I understand the importance of living a healthy, happy life and I am now dedicated to empowering other women to do the same.’

Maya Saffron is a personal trainer. To find out more or to book a session, visit or call 07720628768